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The love of my life playing keyboards when we first met. (“Paper Lace” 1973 Kitwe, Zambia.)
1974Kitwe Club - PaperLaceMovers Group LS

Saying goodbye before taking my broken heart to Australia. (Kitwe Club, Zambia 1974)

020830  CUSuePaudieweb

My man found my name on the net, flew from Ireland to Australia and hugged me in Perth, West Australia, 2002.


Our Wedding Day wiped 30 years away. (Hillarys Yacht Club, Perth, Western Australia 27 th Dec 2003)


stepping softly

you trod the path

to my front door

never rang the bell

played favorite songs

over and over until

senses on overload

surrounded by romance

you kissed me quick

my heart pumped electric

zinging over barriers

erected years ago

breaths of pain

barely contained

welcomed as veins

formed highways

joined the chorus

to wash with heat

a thrumming melody

echoes of words

rhymed with roses

thorns ignored love

posies fresh and blood

red for us young again

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

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Xmas in Oz

On this Special Day for many, may I wish all who read my humble words a peaceful, healthy, happy and safe journey.

Thank you for your kind comments and interest in my blog.  May your wishes and dreams come true in 2014.

My family and I will be Rocking Around the Christmas Tree!

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“Red Umbrella Series” by Jessica McCallum
from ‘Raincheck’ Exhibition 2010

I see red

when you raise spikes

along the metal shaft,

sharply snap it open,

stretching the bright silk

above your head

I see red

a mobile patio –shelter,

protection from storms,

hurling lightning bolts

of tears from women

left wet in your wake.

I see red

in a sea of bobbing grey

between skyscrapers

the calm sway – swagger

of  hips –  loose, lithe strides

confident until another

red umbrella takes the stage.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2010


Raincheck an exhibition in case of showers…  2010 

Artworks by Mixed Media Artist, Jessica McCallum

Held Aug 23 – Sept 10, Subiaco Arts Centre Gallery, Perth, WA.

(Poetry postcards from exhibitions available from WEBSITE)

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mute (2)

‘Mute’ by Jessica McCallum 2009


My mouth is a gun with a silencer, stopped

mid-sentence from telling you how I feel –

actions speak louder especially when they hurt! 

You see, you say but I can’t speak.  You speak,

I hear but no words are offered because I can’t reply.

I see, I hear so please, throw your words my way

so I can at least aim in silence.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2009


The ‘JM Exhibition’ was the first (very successful) exhibition of art by my daughter Jessica McCallum held at His Majesty’s Theatre in 2009, on which we collaborated.  All but one painting sold on the night.

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Umbrella Series (detail) by Jessica McCallum
‘Raincheck’ Exhibition 2010

Like tears

Rain hits my umbrella

Bouncing bursting

Droplets scattering

Spreading my pain

Shimmering images

Relections of you

Love like rain

Showers me

With tears

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2010


Raincheck an exhibition in case of showers…  2010 

Artworks by Mixed Media Artist, Jessica McCallum

Held Aug 23 – Sept 10, Subiaco Arts Centre Gallery, Perth, WA.

(Poetry postcards from exhibitions available from WEBSITE)

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Roll up!  Roll up! Crack

the whip!  Circle the horses.

Let the monkeys laugh

and play with careless

disarray around this heart;

broken, wounded, fallen

from the high wire,

grip gone, hands open

in mute surrender.

Your forced false smile

Painted in a permanent

Good-vibe leer… I tip

my hat to all who stride

into the ring, willingly –

take a chance on love.

All the pretty ones

are gathered for love’s

circus performance.

Watch out for the Ringmaster!

He can reach a hand inside

your chest and squeeze…

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2011

Written for  “All The Pretty Ones Are…”

Studio Underground Foyer

State Theatre Centre of WA

(Friday 11 to Sunday 20 November 2011)

Funny folk, fear & fascination… complete with feathers…

All The Pretty One’s Are, is an exhibition of mixed media paintings by local Perth artist Jessica McCallum and will be on show for one week only in the Studio Underground Foyer at The State Theatre Centre of WA. Jessica’s style incorporates traditional watercolours & inks with a dark twist, and large-scale pop art, mixed media pieces. Her influences are murals, street art & old-skool comic book culture. Ever wanted to run away to the Circus?

For further information please visit http://jessicamccallum.blogspot.com/

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My daughter Jessica McCallum is an artist and this painting was from her  2011 ‘All The Pretty One’s Are…” Exhibition held at the State Theatre Centre in Perth City.

It’s been our habit to combine my words inspired by her paintings for exhibitions, so I thought I’d share one with you.

We intend, one day to publish a coffee-table book of the artworks and poems from her three of her very successful exhibitions.  Perhaps we’ll crowd-fund…

This work is one of two entitled ‘Bohemia‘ and the poem is written to the artwork.


“Bohemia” by Jessica McCallum from “All The Pretty Ones Are…” exhibition held at the State Theatre Centre, 2011.


Like crystal

I am many faceted

not see-through glass

I proudly wear my life colours

individuality scratched into my skin


gaze deeply into my painted experiences

shared memories etched in bright reflections

see strength and character in the vines which

grow in defiance – spirited independence in

the starbursts of my femininity – purposeful

illustrations of original soul inhabitants

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2010

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I enjoyed this blog entry so much, I’ve decided to share it with you:  from Scottish Footprints, a girl travelling through WA.

Back-story is everything when you’re a writer.

Captain Robert James Meade.

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Last year I was a guest of the Avon Valley Writers Festival held over two days in Northam and Toodyay.  What a wonderful experience, the staff from both libraries made us very welcome.


My handsome son drove me way out in the country and made me feel safe – wish we could do that sort of thing more often.

One of the books I took with me for sale was my Christmas story ‘Santa’s Swim’ – if you’d like a copy, I still have them for sale here.


‘Santa’s Swim’ hardcover version (not available)

I also ran a coloring competition which was very popular – both winners loved their prizes of a copy of the book ‘Santa’s Swim’, a little Santa statue of their very own and a certificate to frame.

Zoe Driffill – winner in Northam
(thanks to library staff for the wonderful photo)
Aimee Greenhill, winner in Toodyay
(thanks to library staff for the wonderful photo)

This is the Christmas Cake decoration which inspired the story.


The inspiration for ‘Santa’s Swim’

I wonder if they’ll bring out their book and the statue and read it again, this year?

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OK time to lighten the mood.

As a screenwriter, I have so many scripts just sitting around… shorts, features, TV Series etc.

One day, I’ll find the time to film this short-short with a couple of friends and my stills camera which takes video.

It’s so easy these days with all the options on the net to just film something and upload it onto You Tube.

You never know what will be a hit, what will just strike the collective funny bone and go viral.

But until I do, I thought I’d share this 3 min script with you. ‘Valentine’s Day

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