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On Sunday, we took advantage of a free double pass from ABC’s RN Ideas Network  to see a preview screening of the movie  “Still Life”   at Cinema Paradiso in Northbridge, one of a couple of ‘alternative’ cinemas in Perth, Western Australia.   The critics have waxed lyrically with the film garnering awards at Venice, Edinburgh and other international festivals.

And may I say “Thank you, Uberto Pasolini”  the guy who also brought us “The Full Monty’ –  we loved it!  It’s  what I deem a typically well done ‘British’ film in that it is character-driven; character-centric and deliberately slower-paced compared to an American style of ‘commercial’ film-making.

The British seem to take their time, to allow an audience to absorb all the emotion, subtext and context, give them time to think about what they’re absorbing.  I see it as a form of audience respect.  Just like ‘Philomena’, ‘The Railway Man’, ‘Quartet’ etc as I’ve mentioned before in a previous  “Top 10 Movies of 2013”  blog post…

Although the subject and lead character seem dismal on the surface, this film is not slow and when the ending came I, as audience didn’t want it too.  My mind was full of questions about what happens next to others we had met in the last 2 hours…

Two days later I’m still thinking about the questions and beautiful clever human touches inserted perfectly into the visual narrative, making dialogue almost obsolete.

As a screenwriter I couldn’t fault the completed circle of story-telling carrying me so effortlessly, or the clues in the frame perfectly placed and plausible to the point of my being able to forget the production and direction involved – except to applaud it with everyone else, at the end.

Yes, a near-capacity cinema audience clapped loudly at the ending as they do when they are particularly moved, demonstrated clearly by how many sat and waited for all the credits to finish, before leaving.

I suspect we wanted our swollen, tear-filled eyes to reduce a little before the harsh glare of sunlight exposed just how much we were affected by such excellence.


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Upturned bottles once lined with military order

on dusty, termite-rotten shelves. Fingerprints,

clear spaces of use, caught by the shafts of daylight

through pin-holes where nails have been.


A puddle of spilt pain, beneath an upturned bench.

Life, wasted in boozy stench lies forgotten,

punished for excess, while determined creatures

march with hunger towards rotten snacks.

Dirt’s secret world survives in semi-darkness.


Corrugated walls, rusting-red and brown. Drips

where rain had been, left tracks as if guiding

to the next place. A dark, dank, mud-bed

suitable for long soft round things

to slither and slide through eyes now closed.

Still focused on nightmare dreams, gone before.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 1998


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Sorry, I’ve been distracted again with another DOT drawing challenge and been introduced to a wonderful  illustrator and his blog.

I love the idea of his book “Julia’s House for Lost Creatures” and the look:  Ben’s style appears simple but isn’t – it’s clean, concise but clear.

If I don’t win a copy, I’ll be buying one – it’s on my wish list for my two little granddaughters who adore any sort of ‘creature’ and would love to fill their house with them!


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140718Notebook1968 001w ??????????

In the light of terrible tragedy, my thoughts are with the families of passengers and crew of the Malaysian Airliner shot down today.

When will we learn to care about each other, again?

I thought I’d share a poem written when I was eighteen, in Africa and thinking of other wars many years ago.

It seems the world doesn’t change and we never learn…


No-one knows me, no-one cares

as I lonely through my window stare.

Observing the world all by myself

Sitting alone on  my own little shelf.


I watch and judge the world and its ways

never taking part in it’s little plays.

Though some are bad and some are good

some of them I’ve never really understood.


Yes, I disagree with many moves

why can’t this world just learn to love ?

Do without wars and fighting – we should –

but somehow, do you think we ever could ?


The needless waste of human lives

The sorrow of a family that’s deprived

    (of their loved ones).


How unfair it seems that some should have

and others are left to scrimp and save.

How beautiful and rich some lands and

others consist only of sky and sand.


One day the world will right itself

while I sit, left alone on my shelf.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 1968

#Frances Macaulay Forde

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I started doing poetry postcards when I ran Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe as a giveaway on each table.  I figured if people were kind enough to sit and listen, they deserved a keepsake.

I’m still in the habit and find them useful as giveaways at readings and book events.   I get them printed – often for free, when VISTA PRINT  do ‘specials’.

This one has the first (the very first) oil painting I ever did, on it.  My dad gave me a set of oils for my 12th birthday and a small tester board.

I haven’t done more than a handful since but this first attempt at oils, was always my favorite.

The poem was written for my returned love; every time he turns to carry on with his everyday… I miss him this much.


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Wonderful to see how well supported our local industry is with beautiful awards and appropriate ceremony at the Heath Ledger Theatre, the perfect setting.

Sincere congratulations and well done to all involved from the winners and nominees to the hard-working organizers at the relocated FTI.   Quoting from FTI’s Facebook Page today:

“Over 500 filmmakers, celebrities, media and screen industry representatives turned out to celebrate the very best in Western Australian screen production at the 26th annual WA Screen Awards at the
Heath Ledger Theatre in Perth last night, Monday 14 July 2014, hosted by comedian Claire Hooper.
Presented by FTI, the WA Screen Awards (WASAs) is the premier celebration of West Australian screen culture, celebrating excellence and achievements in feature film, short film, web series, music videos, television production, documentary and games.”     READ the full list and report:

The West Australian covered the evening:   “Winton Film Tops Local Oscars”  

Independent Film Magazine made comment:  “The Turning Takes WASA’s Feature Prize” 

The WA Screen Awards have turned a page.  A revamped and renewed Film and Television Institute led by the very capable Paul and marketed so well by Michael.

The whole FTI team have obviously taken up the challenge and made our awards relevant again.

The WASA’s have grown up!  Sincere congratulations again, to all the winners, nominees and hard-working-now-celebrating, FTI!

Sorry we missed the professional celebrations this year, we’ll definitely make a date for next!

Facebook was full of congratulations and comments lauding our local filmmakers. All very well deserved:

Stephen Van Mil   WE WON!!  Huge thanks to the master and commander himself John Collee – your inspiration and magnificent screenplay is what made Tango Underpants our happy feet…..! Tania Chambers Miranda Edmonds Emma BeeAgustina Costa Varsi Guy Gross Nadia MeneghelloKhrob Edmonds Estelle Buzzard Maya Alexandra Kavanagh Meg McPherson Denson Baker and all our incredible team – and thanks for the snap Nick Van Mil…!! — with Miranda Edmonds and Tania Chambers.

Antony Webb
Congrats to team The Fan. We won best music, best director and best film! ‪#‎wasa26‬
David Le May
Big Congrats to winners of the WASA’s this year and very chuffed to win Best Cinematography Long form for ABC series “who’s been sleeping in my house?” Driving in the UK phone bleeped and said Go WASA YAY! thanks Court McAllister had to pull over and find out more! a very special thanks too to Series producer Daniel Brown being supportive over the 8 years I’ve known him and allowing me to go wacky with some of the photography! Thanks Joined up films!
Film & Television Institute
Tune into RTRFM 92.1 at 11.10am to hear our two BEST DIRECTORS Nicholas Dunlop (Best Direction Long Form for Comic Book Heroes) and Antony Webb (Best Direction Short Form for The Fan) give the full lowdown on last night’s 26th annual WA Screen Awards. ‪#‎thefan‬‪#‎comicbookheroes‬
Tune into RTRFM 92.1 at 11.10am to hear our two BEST DIRECTORS Nicholas Dunlop (Best Direction Long Form for Comic Book Heroes) and Antony Webb (Best Direction Short Form for The Fan) give the full lowdown on last night's 26th annual WA Screen Awards. #thefan #comicbookheroes #WASA26
Stephen Van Mil shared Tango Underpants‘s photo.
Tango Underpants has just won the Australian Writers Guild Award for  Best Short Form Script!!!

Tango Underpants has just won the Australian Writers Guild Award for Best Short Form Script!!!

Antony Webb
So this happened tonight
So this happened tonight :)
Lucy Byrne with Antony Webb and Vivienne Marshall
Congrats to all who won awards at the WASAs tonight. Ypu are all flipping awesome!
Congrats to all who won awards at the WASAs tonight. Ypu are all flipping awesome!
#FrancesMacaulayForde  #FTI-WASA’s  #WALocalOscars

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