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What I’ve been reading

Wonderful suggestions for my Wish List…


Well, theories of memory, mostly, along with narrative inquiry mixed with a dash of ethnographic self reflexive research. This ‘essential’ reading has been for the essay I’m writing as part of my PhD. When I look at the piles of books on the floor of my study, I realise I’ve also been reading other ‘essential’ books – books that keep me sane, although my husband may have another point of view – it’s all about the definition of sanity, apparently.

I read Kunal Basu’s 2007 book Racists, a chilling story about a pair of scientists who decide on the ultimate experiment – to raise a pair of children, one black, one white, on an uninhabited island off the coast of Africa. Set in 1855, it raises disturbing questions on the assumptions of racial superiority and left me with a sense of unease and anger. Just after this I picked up…

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(Photo from RENEGADE LINEDANCERS website.)

We watched  RENEGADE LINEDANCERS  do a display at at the Great British Car Show in GIN GIN, earlier this year.

So following on from my  Red Hat Society  post,  I did a little search and found it’s no longer called BOOT SCOOTIN’.

Now called (no pun intended)  LINE DANCING  I was very pleasantly surprised to find it’s still really popular with many groups,  both North and South of the Swan River!

My local group is called “Dancin’ Fillies” and I had to smile – can’t see me ever taking part even though it’s just ’round the corner…

Also listed are  Apache Rebels,  Lonestar Dance in Beechboro,  and True Blue Bootscooters in Wangara.

NULINE have come up with a line dance to “LET IT GO!” which is bound to be really popular.

I know my Frozen Obsessed little grand-daughter will LOVE dancing it – the young lad dancing his heart out in the front row certainly does!

I loved the Bootscootin’ version of FOOTLOOSE and the WEDDING DANCE...

BASIC INSTRUCTIONS  for you to do in the privacy of your own home, although ‘Adria’ is a little scary – Ha Ha!

More instructions, this time for the TUSH PUSH with a reminder that dancing is good for your health!

COPPER HEAD ROAD, the best WILD COUNTRY dance and a fun version of COTTON EYE  JOE  (I had to watch a few times because this girl with such a beautiful unexpected accent).

So, if you managed to get all the way through that lot, here’s your REWARD: PURE EYE CANDY.  


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ACT 1:  This poem “Desertification”  1st appeared in the 2007 anthology  of Fellowship of Australian Writers WA  “Lines in the Sand”, on page 28.

ACT 2:  Also that year, I was flattered to be asked to read it at the launch of John Kinsella‘s “Shades of the Sublime and Beautiful” published in 2008 by Fremantle Press,  together with Dennis Haskell and Glen Phillips, in the University of WA bookshop.    There was a video taken that night but I can’t get it to upload here…

ACT 3:   This poem inspired a young poet Marlia Douglas to write her own poem with the same title.   I found all this out when Marlia turned up at one of my Poets Corner events.

She just happened to be in the State Library when it was on, and poked her head in to listen.  As host I was constantly looking out for new poets and convinced her to read in the Open Mic section.

Marlia said her poem had been inspired by Frances Macaulay Forde’s poem of the same name and didn’t even realize I had just introduced her to the audience.   They were mostly regulars and applauded loudly when they heard her comment knowing she didn’t know who I was.

Her version of the poem later appeared in INDIGO JOURNAL Vol3  (2010) which also included another of my poems “My Life as a Sari”

ACT 4:   This is a recording of the poem I did a few years ago.




before cultivation the water flowed

bouncing on leaves falling falling

to pool on fertile forest floor below


before cultivation the water flowed

flora bursting with life and clean air

jostling for sunspace canopy flirting


before cultivation the water flowed

we didn’t listen as we ploughed

clearing tree roots to feed fields


before cultivation the water flowed

now encrusted salt lusts after land

no sweetness here just bitter dry sand


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2007


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Carol's Cross - Paudie LS

Left Field

Lined up like the Waterford cows,

metal bodies glitter in an Irish field.


Their black rubber circles squelch

acres of reconstituted bovine cud.


A Friesian audience has gathered

to ruminate on two-legged animals


with red and white coats, running

and hurling a stone to each other


between showers, near Carol’s Cross.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

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I’ve often spoken about my talented daughter Jessica McCallum and her artworks which I write poetry to for exhibition…

My ‘Art as the Spark’ tagged  blogs discuss our collaborations:   Distain,  Bohemia,  Art As The Spark,   Red Umbrella,  Raincheck  and  All The Pretty Ones Are   

Well, she also makes the most amazing fascinators and it’s hat-wearing time of year again…

130610JMFascinatorConceptNO2 10714387_855289681178465_7483456971648823829_o   130610JMFascinatorAscotB&W  130610JMFascinatorFirefly 130610JMFascinatorPoppy

So have you booked your lunch for the Melbourne Cup and your milliner to make your fascinator for the Perth Cup (New Year), friends wedding, special lunch etc., yet?

If you want something no-one else will wear, ask All The Pretty One’s Are to do a one-off head piece to suit your outfit.

Remember though, she he needs time to create…

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cheav_master085  330px-Ron-in-Tasmania

Years ago, Julie Chevalier and I were members of on-line poetry critique group run by the amazing Ron Pretty who established the Australian Poetry Foundation  and now has a competition named after him.

I enjoyed her poem “The moon and the stars were our chandelier” published in ALPHA – Issue 1, of WRIT, Western Australia’s newest poetry review on-line zine.  (Although they’re asking for submissions for the next issue, unfortunately WRIT cannot afford to pay its contributors.)

Julie gave me some excellent constructive comments for my poem: “Front Page Impact” which I posted a short while ago.  I recommend you take a moment and read some of her award-winning words.


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Always so meticulously informed. I enjoy that you are a blatant fan of screenwriters and follow their work with a passion, skewering (is there such a word?) your reviews, with their work as your starting point. Thank you.


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Film Mafia

Gone Girl **** (out of five)

Gone-Girl-2014-film-posterI remember still, very specifically, my decision to cease reading Gone Girl, the huge bestseller of 2012 by Gillian Flynn: it was making me depressed. Its worldview really got to me, and I was feeling grim and prickly because of it. Its depiction of the most basic human relationship, being “the relationship”, was bleak and nasty. A day or two without reading anymore of it, I felt better. Besides, it was badly written.

David Fincher’s extremely faithful adaptation of the book, scripted by Flynn, has left the same cold metallic and yucky taste in my mouth, but in a good way – indeed, in a really good way. I was reading the book over at least a week, but I can take feeling prickly and shifty about relationships for an afternoon, rather than going to sleep with it night after night. Also, the world…

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12Nov03KalamundaVMarkets (15)

Each month, hubby and I peddle our wares at Kalamunda Village Market.

It has an old-fashion market feel with music from my era (60’s & 70’s) piped around the park by good quality HD speakers and I often find myself grooving to the beat between customers.

Used to be that you could only have a stall if you made everything yourself, locally.  Nowadays they seem to have slackened that rule, more’s the pity…

What really cheers up my day is when the crowds suddenly turn red and purple with the arrival of the ladies from the “Red Hat Society”.

The movement stated in America with Jenny Joseph’s poem, “Warning.” given to Sue Ellen Cooper of California with a red Fedora as a birthday gift.

Now 40,000 PLUS chapter in the US and many in 30 different countries later, members certainly brighten up any market!  Good on them!


Red Hat Society


I don’t have to wait – to get old before

they let me in to their secret society.

Not to wear the red hat – I must wear pink

until I reach that exalted time.  I must be

content to wait, but practice I may, so as

not to shock those close with the changes.

When I finally get to the place where there

is fun after fifty* and I can make up for the

sobriety of my youth.* Here’s my heads-up,

my ‘Warning’ – an ode to non-conformity.*


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2014

*Inspired by ‘Warning’ by Jenny Joseph.


#FrancesMacaulayForde  #RedHatSociety  #POEM:Warning  #JennyJoseph  #RedAndPurple  #SueEllenCooper

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Amanda always has something interesting to share.

looking up/looking down

Today the Writers Ask Writers group is celebrating twice over. First, a new book from one of our members is being launched today—a very special publication, and one that I have had the great pleasure of reading in successive drafts almost from its genesis.


Annabel Smith’sThe Ark was, as she describes it, ‘born digital’—a novel conceived, written and designed to be read as an interactive digital experience and that takes on the imaginative and ambitious task of inventing systems of communication for a dystopian future. It is also a character-driven novel—the hallmark of all of Annabel’s work—and a study of human behaviour under the extreme pressures of isolation, manipulation and fear. I’m delighted to be featuring Annabel as my next 2, 2 and 2 guest.

The topic of today’s blog, writing in the digital age, is in honour of The Ark on this auspicious occasion, and in celebration…

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Academy award winning actor Russell Crowe is stepping behind the camera to direct (as well as in front) for a story which looks amazing.   Russ has just released the trailer and I confess, I can’t wait to see it.

The script is by Andrew Anastasios and Andrew Knight and if you watch this ‘1st look’ video, everyone was impressed by it, hence their involvement in making the film.

I love how the script kernel was just one line about a man searching for his son’s grave – in Gallipoli.  (Perfect timing Russ with the Gallipoli Centenary next year.)

I’m looking forward to it, although I’ll have to, until it’s release at Christmas.

Oh well, they do say good things come to those who wait…


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