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Fifty isn’t old.

It’s really just a number…

How did I get here?

I don’t remember saying

goodbye to so many…

I’m scared once I break it,

like the fifty-dollar note;

the years will disappear.


Frances Macaulay Forde  © 2000

(Poem No 5, ‘Return of Rainbows’; “Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey”; 1st published Cork, Ireland, 2003.)


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Ruben Guthrie

Brendan Cowell’s debut feature… looks interesting.

Film Mafia


***1/2 (out of five)

Brendan Cowell’s debut feature film as a director, based on his own play, sails breezily along with terrific dialogue, great performances and an extremely relatable story. It’s excellent contemporary entertainment, the kind of character and situation-based comedy the French do so well but Australian cinema, not so much.

The titular Guthrie is an extremely successful young advertising creative who likes the sauce a wee bit much. When his stunning Czech model girlfriend (a superb turn by Abbey Lee, who is not Czech but certainly has been a model) leaves, demanding that he needs to go sober for a year in order to even hope for a reconciliation, he heads to AA and tries to ditch the demon drink, at least for the requested 365 days.

Patrick Brammall is superb as Guthrie. The movie lives or dies on his performance and it absolutely lives. He spins Cowell’s…

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Joy (trailer review)

Hmmm, well I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ so I have to see this one!

The Fluff Is Raging

Another year, another film by David O. Russell that stars Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert de Niro.


Looking back on my reviews of Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, I was probably too kind to them.

I recently rewatched both films and while the performances are strong, Russell’s narrative now seems unwieldy. American Hustle, in particular, indulges in all sorts of 1970s fetishism and wallows in the excess of the period. Did I really give it 5 out of 5?!?

I think I wrote that he encourages improvisation in his cast, and that can be a good thing, but maybe he needs to rein it in.


And cut back on the Scorcese-isms.

Oh, what’s this, a Rolling Stone song?

Joy tells the story of Joy Mangano, the woman who invented the Miracle Mop. A single mother of three, Mangano struggled to make it as an inventor before…

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A Soft Day

…an elderly man… gave us a wave and shouted over: “Soft Day, thank God.”

SOCIAL BRIDGE ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

Today was what is traditionally described in Ireland as ‘a soft day.’ That’s a nice term for a misty, drizzly, warmish kind of a day when you think you’ll never see a blue sky again.

When I peeped out the front door in semi-despair this morning, the haunting look of our Monkey Puzzle tree carried me away from thoughts of blue and the blues:

Monkey Puzzle Monkey Puzzle

Softness was playing in the prickly branches and the greens were greener than green.

All thoughts of staying in and waiting for the ‘day to rise’ left me and Stan and I headed to a deserted Garrarus Beach where the tide was fully out. It certainly wasn’t the stuff of picture postcards looking out to sea but the shoreline carried all sorts of soft promises:

Garrarus Beach, Co. Waterford Garrarus Beach, Co. Waterford

This was a day to focus on the gifts that the high tide…

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I like the pearl metaphor too.

looking up/looking down

If you’re looking at the heading of this post and wondering what the heck, these things have a place in a new story of mine that has just been published in Review of Australian Fiction.


RAF is a fabulous online publication dedicated to short works of fiction. It publishes two stories every two weeks, delivered in mobi (for Kindle) or ePub (for iPhone/iPad, Kobo, Nook, Readmill) format, and each issue pairs an established writer with an emerging writer.

The six-issue volume that has just begun is a special one featuring Western Australian writers—an innovative and generous gesture of support by the editors following the announcement a few months ago that funding for the Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards would, in effect, be halved. Commissioning editor for the volume is Laurie Steed, whose own stories have been widely published in literary journals and anthologies; his is one of…

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You’ve sold me – now I have to add “Miss Carter’s War” to my wish list too…

Leah Grant

Sheila 2 (1 of 1)Even famous people feel intimidated, or so I’m told. Still, it’s hard to picture an Olivier award-winning actress cowering in the corner of a literature festival green room, isn’t it? And yet…

The evening began wet and noisy. Rain bounced off the roof of The Times Forum tent at Cheltenham’s Literature Festival and almost as soon as she had begun, Sheila Hancock – OBE, CBE, actor, director and writer – was prompted to stop mid-sentence and thank her audience for venturing out to see her in such awful conditions. Collectively, her avid listeners laughed; Hancock, ever-youthful in a smart/casual ensemble, beamed genuine gratitude back.

It was one of the final days of the popular festival and Sheila Hancock, like so many others, was there to promote her latest book. But unlike her literary counterparts, the RADA-trained actress seemed almost embarrassed to be speaking at all, admitting that in the four…

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This is so inspiring, Jean…

SOCIAL BRIDGE ~ Jean Tubridy connecting with you from Ireland

Walls, and especially fragments of old walls, always draw me in. High up on the cliffs over Annestown Beach this sliver of wall  blends perfectly into its surroundings. It’s like nature is trying to make it its own but the human hand and heart still linger there and will until the last stone is gone.

There are no clues now about the builder or maybe more than one person was involved. Did they have the time or inclination to bask in the scenery of the Copper Coast? How far back was the wall from the now crumbling cliff? How far did the wall stretch? Was it a boundary wall to prevent animals from falling into the deep sea below? I always think of John B. Keane’s, The Field, when I’m there.

Over the years, did people sit on this wall chatting in the summer sunshine. Maybe it was a…

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Meet Kate Forsyth

I’ve got both ‘Bitter Greens’ and ‘Wild Girl’ on my ‘to read’ bookshelf! Must find the time soon – I know I’ll be inspired.


Interview by Nicole Melanson ~

Interview with writer Kate Forsyth by Nicole Melanson

Kate Forsyth wrote her first novel at seven, and is now the award-winning & internationally bestselling author of more than thirty books. Recently voted one of Australia’s Favourite 20 Novelists, Kate has a doctorate in fairy tale studies and is an accredited master storyteller. Her adult books include The Wild Girl, the story of the forbidden romance behind the Grimm Brothers’ famous fairy tales, and Bitter Greens, called “the best fairy tale retelling since Angela Carter”. It won the 2015 ALA Prize for Best Historical Fiction and came in at No 27 in Dymocks 2015 list of Australia’s Top 101 Books. Kate’s children’s novels include The Impossible Quest, The Puzzle Ring and the award-winning The Gypsy Crown. Kate is a direct descendant of Charlotte Waring, the author of the first book for children ever published in Australia.

Kate Forsyth’s website


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Can’t wait to see this latest Australian written and directed film, starring beautiful Kate Winslet and yummy Liam Hemsworth, based on the best-selling book by Rosalie Ham!


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Isradella waits

for ghosts of lovers past

to homogenize


Perfect recipes of want

ingredients elusive

beg materialize


Abundant beauty falls

shorter than ideal

too rarefied


Hope ever lives in one

who strives for vision

so eulogized


Reality proves tepid

in life-dreams eye

and Isradella cries


Disbelieve the sellers

unattainable perfection

and real-eyes


Love no longer exists

the world’s forgotten

to individualize


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2000

Poem No 19 ‘Return of Rainbows’ in ‘Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey’ pub Cork, Ireland, 2003.


@FrancesMForde  #FrancesMacForde  #BOOK:HiddenCapacity  #BOOK:ReturnOfRainbows  #POEM:Isradella  #LovePoems  #Poetry

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