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Cinema Australia

jasper-jones-cinema-australia Aaron McGrath, Levi Miller and Angourie Rice in Jasper Jones.

Madman Entertainment has just dropped the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated Jasper Jones, the film adaptation of the award-winning iconic Australian novel by Craig Silvey.

Jasper Jones is directed by Rachel Perkins (Bran Nue Dae, Radiance, One Night the Moon) and produced by Vincent Sheehan (Animal Kingdom, The Hunter) and David Jowsey (Mystery Road, Goldstone).

The film features a stellar cast including Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine, Muriel’s Wedding), Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, The Dressmaker, The Hobbit), Levi Miller (Pan, upcoming Red Dog: True Blue), Angourie Rice (These Final HoursThe Nice Guys), Dan Wyllie (OffspringMuriel’s Wedding), Matt Nable (Riddick, Son of a Gun) and Aaron McGrath (GLITCH), Jasper Jones is…

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I think it should be yours too, Nick!

Nick Earls

Dear Nobel Prize Committee,

First, let me be clear that I’m not here to enter into the debate as to whether or not this year’s (current) recipient should have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Enough frantic typing has gone on about that one already. Besides, we know you make interesting choices sometimes, and we still think you’re great and that scoring a Nobel would be ace. Yes, there was that prospective Peace Prize for Barack Obama when he’d just scored the big job (I gather than was a bit like granting a new CEO options that only vest years hence if certain performance hurdles are met). And there was the Literature Prize for Churchill, best known word-wise for cracking oratory that didn’t really fit with the Peace Prize, zingers Dorothy Parker would have been proud to call her own and a five-volume bio about his ancestor that, had…

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May I say how much I liked this, Ava?


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Trump is making us sick!

How can this miserable excuse for breathing air (not a person, not even a man – every man I know and love, would be devastated to be labelled in any way, shape or form with Trump) keep getting away with assault; defamation; encouraging assult/murder or insighting public violence; even (to my mind) percieved acts of treason?

Thank goodness the poles will soon show not every American agrees with him but I can’t wait for three weeks – he needs to be incarcerated now!

His vile vomit needs to stop!  There must be a way to legally silence his vitriol, take away his platform, silence the microphones and put a lens cap on the cameras – please!

Even using his name makes me queasy – but I don’t want to insult or demean the male population by not using his name: Trump-ed Up, blowing his own Trump-et…

You can bet the psycho is now getting off on the fact that he’s making women sick – another power trip for him – he’ll believe it’s another point on his Fame star!

What’s wrong with society?  How do we keep letting him spit his infective sludge all over us?

We don’t publically call people out for bad behaviour anymore!  We allow them to do what they like according to their star-power: money they purport to have in their bank accounts/yachts/houses/planes/cars/hair…

He’s a documented financial nightmare but still he gets away with labels like Rich and Billionaire.  His use of smoke and mirrors to hide his inadequacies – he’s a past master but I see through it all and I’m NOT alone!

Trump is powerful because people have made him powerful – he actually has no power, no education, no money, nothing to offer for a future except a cheque book which bounces.

His eye is firmly on the power base he has built up with his so-called followers – all he can see is how he can get his hands on their money.  What scheme can he use to take them for every cent they own and own it himself?

Like Hitler, his audiences have listened and believed and been stirred up by his spew and handed him an egotistical buffet to feed off.

People – it’s time to stop feeding him. 

Ignore him.

Time to take that power away! 

It is vital you  use your vote to say NO to TRUMP!

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On Signing a Publishing Contract and Getting to this Point

October 14, 2016 by

So, at long last, I got to sign one of these:


It took a while to reach my hot little hands and as soon as I’d signed it, I had to return it to the publisher for counter-signing, so I haven’t been able to gaze at it and behold its beauty, or tuck it in bed with me and hug it all night.

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Writers of The Code, Ali’s Wedding, Jasper Jones, Barracuda and Please Like Me among winners at the 49th Annual AWGIE Awards

Friday 14 October 2016


Shelley Birse, one of Australia’s leading screenwriters, has won this year’s top  writing award at the Australian Writers’ Guild’s 49th Annual AWGIE Awards, for the second season of the ABC’s cyber-thriller, The Code.

The Code also received the AWGIE Award for the Television: Miniseries – Original category. The first season of The Code  took out the Major Award in 2014, and this year’s award makes it the only series in history to have been recognised by two Major Awards for both of its seasons.

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Huge congratulations to Craig Pearce – well deserved!

2016 Australian Writers’ Guild Lifetime Achievement Award goes to screenwriter Craig Pearce –

listen to RN Breakfast report.




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“She explains why she is friendly with her ex and with Donald’s daughter – and why she made Sky Ladder, a documentary about fireworks artist Cai Guo-Qiang.”  An excellent article by Hadley Freeman from The Guardian 12th Oct 2016.

Deng Murdoch with ex-husband Rupert Murdoch in 2011.

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The Sound of Music

mv5bmgyyzjk4mdmtytzmms00ywm2ltgxndqtm2ewnzq2mdzhnwqxxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyndyymdk5mtu-_v1_sy1000_sx670_al_I was 15 or 16 in 1965 when ‘The Sound of Music’ was released and probably got to see it pretty soon after, at our local Astra Cinema in Kitwe, Zambia.

Yes, we did have cinemas in the ‘wilds of Africa’ and we got new releases pretty soon after they were…    You got dressed up then – women even wore gloves and a gorgeous outfit to evening showings.

When I was younger it was a big deal to go to the cinema every Saturday morning, then off to OK Bazaars to spend our 2 shillings & 6 pence pocket money on some cheap trincket.

We had to meet Mum and Dad at the Kitwe Club for a pickled fish and crusty bread (and lemonade) lunch on the verandah.   Sometimes, we’d spend the afternoon playing tennis or watching the adults.

Fast foward 50 years and I’ve just watched my great niece Taisen play Gretyl in the Broadway stage production of ‘The Sound of Music’ right here in Perth, Western Australia!




Taisey was WONDERFUL! She absolutely stole the show for me – and not just because she’s ours, but she seemed to feature each time she was on stage – she just grabbed it with both hands and had a wonderfull time! The joy was obvious. Her characterization was fantastic and that voice was so strong. Love, love, loved it all – EVERY MOMENT!

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conversation 29.

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