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Yep – have to see this!

Cinema Australia

Jasper Jones director Rachel Perkins and author Craig Silvey.Jasper Jones director Rachel Perkins and author Craig Silvey.

Jasper Jones author Craig Silvey and the film’s director Rachel Perkins were in Perth recently to launch a series of Q&A screenings around the country. Cinema Australia’s Matthew Eeles caught up with the pair to speak all things Jasper Jones.

“The kids were all different in their own right, but in terms of how they brought these characters to life I couldn’t be happier. They exceeded my high expectations by far.”

Interview by Matthew Eeles

Death, racism, infidelity, molestation, suicide, alcoholism, manslaughter, grief and penis fingers. What a pleasant film you two have released four weeks out from school holidays.

Rachel: You forgot love and friendship. [Laughs].

Thankfully there’s a hell of a lot more to the story than the parts I mentioned. Can you tell our readers a bit about Jasper Jones.

Craig: Principally Jasper Jones is about…

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‘Country boy captures…’

So proud to have been mentored through my degree later in life, by this wonderful landscape poet:  “Whether it’s WA or China, Glen Phillips has created an astounding legacy,” writes Elaine Fry in The West Australian, Book Review.  (Glen Phillips sent his copy – unfortunately, I can’t find it on-line so unable to link.)  



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Interview: Rolf de Heer

Amazing director.

Cinema Australia

Bad Boy BubbyBad Boy Bubby

“People are interesting, everybody is interesting.” 

AB Film Revew’s Andrew Peirce took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with Australian film legend, Rolf de Heer on behalf of Cinema Australia.

I appreciate you taking the time to have a chat to Cinema Australia. I’m a huge fan of your work and it’s really great to see that Perth International Arts Festival is putting on a retrospective of your work, especially the films that are being shown. One of the first questions is that all of the films that are being shown are very focused on indigenous Australia.

Rolf de Heer: Yes, the Tracking Country theme. I think it allowed a really good collation of all the work that Molly and I have both done. Not all of it, but most of it. It’s really interesting, because there’s two sets of three in…

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Will have to look out for this one…

Cinema Australia


A new poster has dropped for John V. Soto’s upcoming Australian Sci Fi drama, The Gateway.

Soto’s followup to his 2014 Perth-shot drama The Reckoning follows a particle physicist who is still grieving over the loss of her husband in a car crash. She uses a revolutionary machine to bring him back, with dire consequences for her family.

The Gateway stars Jacqueline Mckenzie, Myles Pollard, Hayley McElhinnery and Ben Mortley. The film is written by Soto and Michael White.

The Gateway is eyeing a 2017 release. You can follow the film on Facebook here

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Luke Davies – ‘Lion’

Luke Davies headshot

Fresh off his BAFTA win for Best Adapted Screenplay, Oscar-nominated Davies spoke to Script Magazine, about bringing this unique story to life.  Read more.


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Oscar Preview 2017

A new (to me) delivery, CJ. Well done and may I wish you huge visual success.

Film Mafia

Instead of a written assessment of this year’s nominations, check out my Oscar Preview and Predictions on SKIPI TV!


Your comments always welcome.

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Note: This is a guest post from Denaye Barahona of Simple Families.

As a child, I had the type of closet that you opened at your own risk. Because when you opened that door, only God knew what barrage of toys, clothes, and “stuff” would come barreling forth. I didn’t know it then, but as a kid–I needed minimalism.  Read Blog.

#DenayeBarahona  #SimpleFamilies  #KidsNeedMinimalism  #KidsToday

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Please support…

As a writer and establishing member of various community groups, I’ve been involved in the WA Writing community for nearly 30 years.

Our community is vibrant and developing constantly, in need of on-going support, particularly in the form of grants.

Reinstating funding to the vital WA Premier’s Book Awards, WritingWA and its affiliated groups, will ensure we continue to inspire and encourage more to share their words.

Please long into and sign the petition, because Writing Matters!


#WritingMatters  #WritingWA  #SupportWriting  #Arts&Writing


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Brown girls who shout

Have to agree with Louise – these words apply to all women.


Whereas we write and speak as members of a small minority of marginal voices, our journalistic and academic critics belong to a wealthy system of interlocking informational and academic resources with newspapers, television networks, journals of opinion, and institutes at its disposal. Most of them have now taken up a strident chorus of rightward-tending damnation, in which they separate what is non-white, non-Western, and non-Judeo-Christian from the acceptable and designated Western ethos, then herd it all together under various demeaning rubrics such as terrorist, marginal, second-rate, or unimportant. To attack what is contained in these categories is to defend the Western spirit.

Since Edward Said wrote these words in 1993, I can’t say much has changed. Recent events in Australia, as well as globally, in the past few weeks, have sent me scurrying to my boxes of books and tearing them open with the distress of one who usually retreats…

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Congratulations, Julia.

Julia Lawrinson

Last night Before You Forget was launched at The Literature Centre by Laurie Apps, President of the Fremantle Tennis Club and all round fabulous human being. The following are the notes for my speech, from which I deviated from time to time. It followed the first screening of the emotional and beautifully shot Before You Forget video, directed by Kori Reay-Mackey, to be posted in the near future. Thanks to all who came: we had 150 people sitting, standing, celebrating. It was quite a night!


Thank you to Lesley, Mailee and the Literature Centre team for hosting this event, and for being such supporters of those of us who create literature for young people. This place is our home and our refuge.

(Ad libbed thanks to Laurie Apps, director Kori Reay-Mackey, video donors, and Penguin Random House)

  • Alan Genoni was a brilliant English teacher at Kelmscott High School, encouraging…

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