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It is no accident that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth holds such a powerful place in the fashion ethos. Like many, I’ve always been struck by her singular and flawless style that seems to defy the passing of time. Little did I know that one day I would play a very small part in this amazing…

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http:// Welcome. The Jukebox continues to feature favourite posts from 2014. Today we turn to a Post that celebrated an inexhaustible vein of inspiration for songwriters and singers – the Train Song. If you want to be a great songwriter you’re gonna need to write a great Train Song. And, if you do, you’ll find […]

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A New York publication

Huge congratulations, Helen!

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11OctArtGeraniums3 001w

ART: Frances Macaulay Forde © 2011

Waldecks Garden Centre Cafe is a favourite place to meet for a chat surrounded by beautiful plants. yet on our tables… easier to clean, I suppose.



Like the sea of silk geraniums
on display in Waldecks
Garden Centre Cafe

Consumerism has replaced
our sense of natural beauty.

In the Garden Centre real
geraniums grow but we’d rather
fake it than show our true colours!

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2013


#POEM:Waldeck’s  #FakingIt  #TrueColours  #FrancesMacaulayForde



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Ladies of the Laundry

I believe this posting deserves another read… I put it up in 2014.

Perth Words... exploring possibilities.

Two things;  ‘Philomena’  is a truly wonderful film offering insight into the ‘Ladies of the Laundry’ also known as the‘Magdalene Sisters’  presented with humor underlined with the awful truth and William Wall well-known writer and member of the Munster Literature Centre who recently wrote of the McAleese Report, have stirred a memory.

The girls/women have fascinated me since my 14 months in Ireland when I actually met a ‘Lady of the Laundry’ during a lunch break from an inspiring workshop weekend meeting with Jessie Lendennie of Salmon Poetryfame.

F1010025 Cliff of Moher with Jessie Lendennie and her beautiful dogs.

Jessie took me to a favorite haunt, a little coffee shop called ‘Stonecutter’s Kitchen’, up near the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare, just down the road from her place.

On a beautiful sunny day, with a brisk breeze blowing off the Cliffs…

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POEM: A Found Memory


2003 – Sydney Opera House from Doyle’s Restaurant.

Doing an ego-search on Google, a link to this poem ‘A Found Memory’ appears as number 1 on the Alphabetical list of poems added to Poem Hunter , on 28th June 2003.

When I checked today, I had apparently posted 52 on there over the years!  And most of those have been converted to a YouTube (very basic) video with (shudder) an automated voice.  Some have awful music and the longer ones are interrupted, with ads half-way through.

So I spent most of today removing the hated videos, cancelling the automated and full-of-errors e-book then correcting and activating all of the 66 poem which were already listed on the site. (Just checked and the videos are still active, hopefully they’ll be deleted soon.)

I also added a note on each poem, to mention my old websites were closed but this WordPress blog and my Etsy shop were still active.

Be interesting to see how many actually link here…

#POEM:MyCar   #Poemhunter  #POEM:AFoundMemory  #PoetryWebsite



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I am asked quite often the best ways to market a book. The most frequent questions I get revolve around making it as cheap as possible yet capable of reaching the widest audience. For that, here is a list of 150 DIY ways to market a book. I’ll do another blog post next week […]

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In his days at the Brill Building songwriting factory in the early ‘60s, Neil Diamond became accustomed to writing songs against the clock, but even he had his limits. Those limits even have a name: Porcupine Pie. I heard an interview once – so long ago it doesn’t exist in the searchable world – in […]

via A Recipe for Porcupine Pie – How We Assess Creative Writing in Schools — Nick Earls

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BOOK: PagesCafe’05


In 2005 I published a selection of poetry read by many poets at Poets Corner@Pages Cafe .   It was to thank and celebrate those who participated in our events (listed below) many performing their words for the first nervous time.

I compiled, printed and produced 104 copies at home, in a limited edition, giving a copy  to each poet whose poetry appeared, as my gift with grateful thanks for their generous support.  It was also sent to libraries and selected poetry groups around Australia. 

Thanks also to Maureen Sexton, who invited me to join her and alan boyd on committee as one of three organizers for the 1st official poetry festival in Perth, WA. 

Incorporating my Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe events in the State Library Cafe into the 2005 WA Spring Poetry Festival  made for a hectic but very poetic week in September.  

Taking it to the streets with many performances and readings at locations around the City, we proved Perth had a vibrant poetry scene filled with many talented poets bursting to share their words with the general public. 

Without the generous participation of these poets over and over again, the festival events at Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe and elsewhere, would not have been the huge success they were.  

Saturday 13th Aug 05 – 2-5 pm Philosopher’s Café
Hosted by: Frances Macaulay Forde

Liana Christensen, Glen Phillips, Andrew Taylor, Lucy Dougan,
Kate Smith, Anne Morgan, Danny Gunzburg, Zan Ross, Andrew Burke,
For Open Mic: Zan Ross & Jenny de Garis.

National Poetry Week begins:

Friday 9th Sept – 11am Official Launch of National Poetry Week
MC’ed by Alyson de Souza, launched by Professor Andrew Taylor,
Supported by Assoc. Prof. Glen Phillips & Miriam Wei Wei Lo, with

a performance by John McBain with Lois and Dave Starr.

Saturday 10th Sept ’05 – 2-5 pm Philosopher’s Café
Hosted by: Frances Macaulay Forde

Liana Christensen, Lucy Dougan, Andrew Burke, Andrew Taylor,
Helen Hagemann, Lucas North, Anne Morgan, Kate Smith, allan boyd
(assist. MC), Danny Gunzburg, Zan Ross, Amelia Walker, Jenny de Garis,
Glen Phillips, Ross Bolleter with John Turner & Viv Glance,

For Open Mic: Deanne Leber, John McBain and Heath Miller

Monday 12th Sept ’05 – 2-4 pm POETS CORNER @ PAGES CAFE
Hosted by: Frances Macaulay Forde

Lucy Dougan, Anne Morgan, Danny Gunzburg, Amelia Walker, Dovros Spinks,
Gabby Everall, Klyth Tan, Alex Falconer, Ray Grenfell, Zan Ross.

For Open Mic: Terry Farrell, Dovros & Amelia teamed up for a duet,
Frances Macaulay Forde & Helen Child.

Tuesday 13th Sept ’05 – 2-4 pm POETS CORNER @ PAGES CAFE
Hosted by: Frances Macaulay Forde

Glen Phillips, Karibu Writers Group: Jill McIntyre, Barbara Bourne &
Glad McGough, Walter Vivian, Barry Parsons and Ron Okely.
For Open Mic: Barbara Bourne, Ron Oakley and Barry Parsons.

Wednesday 14th Sept’05 – 2-4 pm  POETS CORNER @ PAGES CAFE
Hosted by: Frances Macaulay Forde

Nandi Chinna, Zan Ross, Emma Crook, Vivienne Glance with Mags Webster,
Coral Carter, Deanne Leber, Lily Chan, Steve Smart,
Callum Sunners, & Janet Jackson, Frances Macaulay Forde

Thursday 15th Sept ’05 – 2-4 pm  POETS CORNER @ PAGES CAFE
Hosted by: Frances Macaulay Forde

Vivienne Glance, Afeif  Ismail Abdelrazig, Jen de Ness, Lily Chan,
Gabby Everall, Kate Smith, Maureen Sexton, Bryan Langley, Donovan
Blundell-Wignall, Steve Smart, allan boyd, Jenny de Garis with Suzy
Prijt & Julianne Miller from ArtEquate

Friday 16th Sept ’05 – 2-4 pm  POETS CORNER @ PAGES CAFE
Hosted by: Frances Macaulay Forde

Liana Christensen, Zan Ross, Jenny de Garis, Danny Gunzburg, Kevin Gillam
& cello, Meg Dunn, Kriston Terbutt with Steve Smart – all from interstate
Lily Chan, Kevin (again) & Ron Greenwood.

National Poetry Week ends
but the fun continued… at POETS CORNER @ PAGES CAFE

Wednesday 18th Sept ’05 – 2-5 pm  An Afternoon With Tom
Hosted by: Frances Macaulay Forde

Special guest TAG Hungerford, Kevin Gillam played cello, Assoc. Prof.
Glen Phillips
formally introduced Tom and Bruce Russell spoke about

the TAG Hungerford Awards.  
Frances Macaulay Forde interviewed Tom for Kel Laurent & Community
for a program shown on Channel 31 – BooksWA.

Saturday 15th Oct ’05 – 2-5 pm  Philosopher’s Café
Hosted by: Frances Macaulay Forde

Janet Jackson, Maureen Sexton,  Lily Chan, Frances Macaulay Forde,
Gabby Everall, Klyth Tan, Zan Ross, Sue Clennell, Helen Child

Open Mic:  Maureen Sexton & Janet Jackson

The work deserves to be read so I will endeavour to obtain permission to publish poems from the book at a later date.

#BOOK:PagesCafe’05 #FrancesMacaulayForde #PoetsCornerWA  #PoetryInPerth

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Netflix went all out for the Los Angeles premiere of “The Irishman,” celebrating a $160 million film the only way the streamer could since the film boasts such A-list talent and director. The black carpet outside the TCL Chinese Theatre was transformed into a New York City street with storefronts and replicas of sets from…

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