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From the Irish Times comes a list of 50 Of The Best Irish Films Ever Made….


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Poetic Challenge


1970 – Amazon Crescent, Kitwe, Zambia, Africa. My dearest Mum after she picked flowers from her garden and arranged them in the hallway.

Here’s some inspiration for you: take something from your lounge, your kitchen and/or your bedroom and write a Haiku or Tanka about them.

Then post the poem in the comments if you’re game, please.

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‘7 Misconceptions About Being A Writer’from the Australian Writers Centre: found this on Twitter and thought it a good read and worth sharing.

I then Googled ‘Being A Writer’ which led me to a fabulous resource page on Allen & Unwin, Publishers.  Just click on the headings listed on the left of the page to access lots of interesting and inspiring words for and from those who write – and recommended books, of course…

writersroom-130  how-writing-works-130  mod-aust-usage-130

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Shortnin’ Bread Meander

A charming insight to family memories… loved the inclusion of sound as well. Thanks, Liz.

Elizabeth Gauffreau

Today’s blog post began back in May, with a comment I made in response to Robbie Cheadle’s recipe for corn bread on her blog, “Robbie’s Inspiration”: #Flashfiction – Extra Nutrition.  I commented that my favorite corn bread is made in a cast-iron skillet, and she suggested that I share it. Naturally, I agreed. However, I can’t just plop a corn bread recipe on my writer’s blog apropos of nothing, so I’ll have to meander my way to it . . .

In the header photo, my mother and her twin sister are enjoying a tea party at the Economy Point farm in Nova Scotia. Their menu is lost to time, but let’s just pretend they’re eating shortnin’ bread. They are seated at the little red table my grandfather made them for playtime.

My little brother George and I also sat at that table for playtime, which often included listening…

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“Antlers” producer Guillermo del Toro and director Scott Cooper took the virtual stage at Comic-Con@Home to debut new footage from their new horror pic, “Antlers,” and talk about how they’re attempting to film during the time of coronavirus. “Antlers,” starring Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons, centers around the Native American folklore creature the wendigo. “The…

via Guillermo del Toro on Filming During the Pandemic: ‘You’re Operating a Large, Surgical Theater’ — Variety

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I’ll be doing a little remote posting this week, hopefully sketching the coastal views from Charlevoix. This area is one of the Quebec’s most scenic, but the forecast is for rain for most of the week, so not sure how far I’ll get. After an early departure and a long drive, looking down at the […]

via Les vignes — The Sketchbook

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Dear Jan…


Dear Jan,
I’m going to pretend you are still here, think
about you in the 1st person - chat to you.
Chat to the Jan I knew who triumphed, didn’t
let anything get her down and did it her way.
Early June, you phoned to tell me
your 18-month news and I cried.
On the 11th June I surprised you
with Messenger for a video chat.
A totally new experience for you,
but perfect because we could see
each other, watch our expressions,
exchange smiles although miles apart.
Your bravery on show, (not wanting
to wallow) we reminisced together.
Once we got past the tears, we laughed
remembering our theatre adventures.
I’ve spent the last two days going through
photos and videos reliving our shared
pleasure in performance; you on stage,
me behind the curtain… egging you on.
Always up for a laugh, you charmed us.
Often loud but sometimes sincerely quiet.
Watching, absorbing words, actions
under floodlight glare and stage props.
The thrill of sharing, being accepted,
a place to shine, applause for effort.
You earned it all and more.  From your
first appearance in ‘Crooked Courtship’,
that slinky silver number, a sexy character
just one side of the complex you, revealed
on stage giving us all a glimpse of talent
untapped which grew with each script.
I enjoyed dressing you as an Indian Squaw.
Beautiful you, full of fun – that cheeky grin
embracing with gusto, the chance to become
someone else in the pantomime ‘A Prairie Tale’.
By the time I directed ‘Monday to Friday’,
I had my pick of actors.  Although dialogue heavy,
the character of ‘Monday’ was perfect; you
delivered each line with relish.  Remember Angela? 
You came to me half an hour before Curtain Up
to say you’d shared a bottle of champagne 
celebrating her 1st performance (to settle
her nerves).  It turned out not such a good idea.

I rushed to the Green Room, stood in front
of Angela– she looked me straight in the eye
and asked if I could help put her lipstick on,
she couldn’t seem to find her mouth. Panic!
Thinking back, it was you who had the bright idea
of using real Port on stage, for authenticity.
In rehearsal, we agreed no one would actually
drink from their glasses, just pretend…
Angela entered Stage Left, marched straight to the bar, pouring one drink after another - downing it while the others on stage tried not to react and you delivered lines without fault.   Somehow the show went off without a hitch All performances heralded as ‘Superb!  Best yet! A fantastic production! Each actor Oscar material!’ Phew… we all sighed and opened another bottle.   I didn’t know that phone call would be our last but I could see the tired eyes, hair not perfect as usual – not prepared for your ‘close-up’ and didn’t want to be greedy, so said ‘Bye’.   It’s the 11th today and I’m writing to remember you… to tell others although we didn’t see each other often, we were friends.  I could always rely on you being the authentic you, saying it like it was, a treasured   support for my writing, taking the time to read and comment honestly.  I will miss that - and you.  You will always, always be in my fondest memories grinning from ear to ear, eager for the next adventure.   Love you, Sue x  

NETCEvenOfEnt2 001BwNETCPrairie 001C (2)w

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POEM:Dear Lucia…

On Mondays I now have a ritual.  I am positively addicted to Lucia Lei who scours Op Shops for  jewellery jars and posts herself opening them on YouTube.


Lucia has the most soothing voice, a very gentle and appreciative narrative showcasing each piece high-priced or humble with equal enthusiasm.   Her beautifully manicured hands with nails colour-matched to the jar are positively mesmerizing too.

Such a lovely interval in my lockdown day.   So enjoyable I found myself taking pen to paper after this morning’s viewing.

Dear Lucia…

In Oz, it’s Monday when you post your jewellery jar
openings and I’m addicted.  Listening to your soothing
voice, viewing perfect nails, I find myself wondering
how pieces arrived in the Op Shop - who threw them
away?  Was it a house clearance after loss - flotsam?
Discarded by someone sad who didn’t want, didn’t
value the reason for purchase - ignoring the joy
each item brought their loved one, now giving pleasure
to me, the viewer - vicariously owning the sparkle… 

Imagining where I would wear such special jewels,
dressed up to the nines, carefully doing my nails
even matching my accessories… like you. Living
a glamourous life, socializing – dancing to music,
dinner with friends, restaurant atmosphere or
theatre presentations, sitting side by side with
stranger others, enjoying the performances…
Not worrying about social distance.  Not needing
to wear a mask carefully matched to my outfit…

So I thank you, Lucia, for the escape from lockdown,
the chance to be someone, somewhere, sometime
before today.  A time imagined or remembered.
Delving into my memory box re-living happiness,
people I loved, lost, shared good times with and still
miss every day.  I also admit to crying, when you
read the words;  ‘If tears could build a stairway and
memories a lane, I’d walk right up to Heaven and
bring you home again’ now engraved on my heart.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2020

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Nessie… Updated.

In 2013, a news story about a ‘Nessie’ sighting this side of the globe, reminded me of something I wrote a while ago for my sister-in-law’s very popular travel blog about Perth; http://perthdailyphoto.blogspot.com.au    Every day she uploads photos she’s taken in and around Perth, Western Australia (she particularly loves our pretty city)  while discovering new and interesting places.

On May 30th 2013, she’d taken a fabulous photo at Mullalloo beach and wanted me to write something to go with the photo. Naturally, I was happy to oblige and sent a short poem back within half an hour.  She was totally amazed with what I ‘saw’ in her frame.

The Surgeon’s Photo

Like that summer’s day, Nessie in her deepest loch

with itinerant Hugh Gray’s camera watching on shore,

bows her head to honour the sparkling blue

dancing in the sunlight between the stars.


Here in Mullaloo, she is a he whose strong arms

plunge out to sea, powering above possible danger

beneath relentlessly pulling liquid waves to his chest

– a celebration of strength, youth and fearlessness.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2013

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POEM: Hooked

PCPostcards_0005 (2)cWEB

Recently, I posted some postcards I’ve put together to use as promotional material when I read or discuss poetry with the public.

Liz Gauffreau mentioned she resonated with this particular poem; ‘Hooked’.

I think it’s probably because we’ve got grandchildren and perhaps Liz also knits and crochets for them.  I know, in Winter, it’s my way of keeping both my hands and my grandies warm.


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