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I was very proud to find my name, next to my poem ‘Left Field’ on the long list for The Plough Prize in 2007, discovered quite by accident years later.

So I can imagine how pleased Afric McGlinchey was, I’m sure just as thrilled, when her poem ‘A River of Familiars’ appeared in this year’s longlist.

I proudly own a copy of the E-book  “The Star of Hidden Things” published by Ireland’s foremost publisher of poetry; Salmon Poetry – a literal feast of magnificent word-obsession.


Like Afric McGlinchey, I was raised in a kinder Africa where, I felt loved and accepted and totally enfolded in the arms of my melting-pot community.

Beautiful book of Photos available © Gregg Robinson

Her poems brought my African childhood back to me so clearly, I’m about to order her latest publication through Salmon Poetry; “Ghost of the Fisher Cat” which includes the Plough Prize longlisted poem, “A River of Familiars”.


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So I thought I’d start with some favourite flowers (everywhere at the moment) and another poem from my old notebook, this time from 1986 when I found myself having to face the end of my marriage with two young children:


Love, when you’re young

is so special ~ a promise

for eternity that has no limits.


Heart, soul and mind

devoted to just one person,

~ so innocent and pure.


The second time around

can be as good but you

must remember youth

~ how you felt so long ago.


And it’s possible to be unlucky

but the third and fourth and fifth

time can be learnt all over again.


You just have to be resilient!


 Frances Macaulay Forde © 1986

Those two young children turned out to be my saviours ~ they taught me so much, kept me going when I wanted to just lay down and give up.  I am so proud of them both; they have given me the ultimate gift ~ beautiful grandchildren.  

And for those of you who suffered, like I did, it IS possible to love again although it took me 17 years of being on my own to believe it.  

Even though I actually predicted a second time for myself, in this poem, I didn’t believe it at the time ~ I think I was trying to give myself hope… in 1986 I swore off romance and love for good!

After 28 years the man I was in love with (and should probably have married) in 1975  and on another continent (Africa) found me ~ we’ve just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.

So with my returned love and a family full of love, I look forward to what 2016 will bring.  I know it’s going to be all good!  


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© Sean Austin posted this photo on Facebook today, with these words:

“The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire…”

2015 © Sean Austin

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One week old.



3 months old.


11 months old.


My gorgeous daughter today – continuing the ‘circle of life’.

The Moment of Birth

My Darling One you are so new

helpless – yet so strong!

You didn’t really need the Doctor

guiding you along…

Now I know how every mother feels

at the moment of birth.

You caused such pain, such draining

of strength, yet

when you finally arrived in just a second

all that had gone before

was completely forgotten

and I held you to my breast – now calm

then gently with my fore finger…

caressed your tiny arm.

Frances Macaulay Forde – 1976


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0911Zambian Sunset



What can you say when a dear friend passes away?

That they were good and kind and loved by many?

That they were respected and stood by their beliefs

And are sadly mourned by the ones who weep?


Though we realise this must come to us all

Inevitably ~ how hard to accept when death

is so final ~ when someone you’ve talked to and

done things for has suddenly stopped replying…


The face that grew so familiar will never again

express thoughts. The eyes – so wise, though

getting faded now ~ are closed forever…

Never…. never… never and forever…


Never to see… or feel… or touch again…

Never to walk through fields or hear the rain…

Never to watch the seasons change each year…

They have gone forever and just left us here!


Frances Macaulay Forde © 1968


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Another from my teenage notebook:



A snake that wraps

it’s slimy body

around your

good intentions.


It has a bite

that transmits itself

into the other person.


How to ward off

it’s terrible grip?


Best to stand still

heart, bite your lip.


Best not to move

or show when you’re

in it’s grasp,


though your eyes

are green and all



and it’s eating up your heart!


Frances Macaulay Forde @ 1969

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Mum 1960’s


My sister-in-law has inspired me by following the theme of  ‘Ageing’  today.

Like her, I love old photos and treasure the few I have of my parents and family.

So I’m sharing this one of my mum with our dog “Quenten Quinebell Quickstep III” taken in Northern Rhodesia in the 60’s – who I naturally, miss every day I’ve been without her.

If I could, I’d plant a kiss on her soft cheek and tell her I love her again;  then I’d call her great-grand children, who’d come running in to say ‘Hi Nanna’ with their infectious excitement, just like they do with me.

I know she’d love her sweet daughter-in-law Saowanee and be so proud of her tall, handsome grandson James and his gorgeous family.

She’d immediately see both of us in my beautiful daughter Jess and love to hear all about her artistry and dreams now she’s old enough to chat.


Last night I was with you, sitting on the settee.

You were reading with your glasses on, drinking tea.

Dad had grown tired of the TV play and was asleep,

snoring loudly with a cushion tucked under his feet.

The scene was so dear and clear as I’ve seen,

But this morning, I work up, so it was a dream…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 1968


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