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POEM: Hand Made Notes

020806FirstFlowersAFPhotos (6)

Before You – 2002 – in my study.

This poem is from another chapbook-in-progress entitled ‘Exploring Possibilities’ full of pieces written when My Man reappeared and offered a different future while I weighed the risk, knowing my recent past with a different man.


Hand Made Notes

black and white
coloured exposures
torn to pieces
carefully measured
miniature portraits
fruit thrown
into a large ceramic bowl

it was blue then
I found a bucket
without holes
poured hot water
and glue
something to bind
some lemon rind
for freshness
rose oil for fragrance
newly delicate and soft
stirred the pot
a witch’s brew
deliberately changing
my past and future of you

snow flakes of my tears
softened over
three days/years
stewed quietly to mush
until I no longer
pieces of wedding,
parties - anything
dresses I wore
to make myself more
beautiful for you

a fleeting betrayal
of a heart filled
with love
with lies
happiness arrows – spies
your other women
who were my friends
thorns on the rose of my myth

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2005

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Why d’you laugh?

Thought I’d share a laugh… again.

Perth Words... exploring possibilities.

Image Dogs who are shamelessly proud of what they’ve just done…

With tears streaming down my face, I can hardly see the key board to type!

I’ve just watched a series of photos of 30 dogs being themselves someone posted onto Facebook and started to ponder what I was actually laughing at – what triggered my giggle response?

As a screenwriter I’m primarily a visual thinker so the looks on the dogs faces; the type of dogs and my perceived ideas of their characters – and whether the notes were hand written or typed got me.  In other words, it was what was in the frame – my eyes took note first, then my brain married what was written, applying extra meaning to the words as I imagined myself walking in on and seeing each situation.

I’m interested in whether audio-oriented people found this funny and if they read the words first…

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muy bien

Love this one, Colin!


I tear the photographs of me into tiny pieces
sort them into colours black and white
brown and blue, green and red and orange
faded like an almost forgotten Majorcan sunset
where we went to forget about Dad
and turn our lives into something new
I wasn’t quite sure what to do
I was only a kid

I glue the pieces of photographs on large sheets
of snowy white paper that is rough to the touch
freshly fallen with no trace of footsteps
as all childhoods should remain
but we know that’s not possible
the pieces are jumbled now
I make them into different shapes
that resemble landscapes

And I am there if you look closely
amongst the rolling hills and fields
a lost boy peeking out from behind trees
you see me waving from inside a cloud
no  angel am I
only torn pieces of photographs
thrown to the…

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VERSE 1 When the Moon is in the Seventh House And Jupiter aligns with Mars Then peace will guide the planets And love will steer the stars The zodiac is divided into 12 segments, or houses, each one ruled by a different sign. Each house is associated with a set of traits, beginning from […]

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POEM: Is this…Bullshit?


Thought it was time to share a another piece from my 1st book published in Ireland in 2003, ‘Hidden Capacity ~ a poets journey’.

The man I should have married 3 decades before contacted me on the net and my heart did a double flip – scared as hell!

“Is this the point where you tell me you’ve been bullshitting all along?”                
This comment, at 12.33pm on messenger,
stopped me in my tracks – I had to
question you…
Why say that?  Is this where you are?
Role research? Experimenting on me?

I have opened the door for you once more.
You are the love of my life returned
to my room…
‘cos of who you are, who you’ve been.
And who I’ve been – where I’ve been.

My labels are cheap, used and tattered.
Yours exciting, money new, and ‘out there’.
Can you ignore…
appreciate the journey, walk the same road
remembering why I react from memories.

How did this happen and why now?
The director knows the outcome,
my script done…
Nuances of assistance from higher hands…
mysterious determined effort for lasting love.

If the future wanes – dumping my heart…
When I prove not to be what you want…
If my love…
can’t match your carefully constructed,
mental and emotional picture of me today…

Rejection!  A resounding slap in the face.
Eternal damnation of idealism – romance.
Proving …
my impossible dreams  have no right
to insert themselves into my reality.

I will still love you – hate you first but
eventually settle back to loving you again,
I will treasure always you careful words,
your considered approach – all the ‘bullshit’!

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2002  

#POEM:IsThis…Bullshit?  #BOOK:HiddenCapacity   #PublishedInIreland  #LoveReturned  #FrancesMacaulayForde

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Emily Dickinson lived in the 1800s, but if you ask the team behind Apple TV Plus’ upcoming series, “Dickinson,” her story is more current than ever. Hailee Steinfeld stars in the the modern-day retelling of the poet’s young life. The actress — who makes her first full-time foray into television with the role and also…

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Ken Souter is in the flying helmet on the left of this shot from his own collection. Picture taken during the shooting of flying sequences for The Dam Busters. Pic: The Sun Dom Howard tipped me off about this recent story in The Sun. Flt Lt Ken Souter was one of the RAF pilots who […]

via Dam Busters film pilot meets Queen — Dambusters Blog

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