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There should be a LOVE button! Loved every word of this, Meg. Thank you again for your wonderful story and Karen’s insightful illustrations.

Meg McKinlay

There are so many things I love about working with illustrators.

Firstly, and entirely self-servingly, having a co-creator gives me an easy way to accept praise about the book without resorting to my usual impulse to shrink away muttering, Oh, it’s nothing. It could have been better. Eh, it’s just a thing I did. Having an illustrator, and their inevitably glorious work, to deflect compliments onto makes my life a great deal easier.

That reason comes first only in this idiosyncratically ordered list though, because really it’s the least important of all the things I love about working with an illustrator.

One of the questions I’m often asked about picture books is, “But what happens if the illustrations aren’t how you imagined them in your head?” For the longest time I answered this in a kind of bewildered, half-stumbling way, without really understanding where the questioner was coming from. Because…

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The Politics of Doors With every doorway, decisions. Accept, deny. Turn. How to resist the ajar, the barely closed? Is what emerges expelled or escaped, free or released? Resistant as always, I swivel, pause to inhale.

The Politics of Doors — O at the Edges

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I’m pleased to share that my tanka, “Over the River to Grandmother’s House We Go,” has been published in the July 2022 issue of First Literary Review-East. Like “Candia, New Hampshire, 1926: Velma,” this poem  was published without its companion piece: Our Other Grandmother who is this person never leaves her chair black maid welcomes […]

#tanka publication: “Over the River to Grandmother’s House We Go” — Elizabeth Gauffreau

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Looks like lots of fun!

Thoughts Become Words

Here is my pictorial of the Mary Poppins Festival 2022 in Maryborough, Queensland, where Helen Lyndon Goff (better known as Pamela Lyndon Travers) grew up with no inkling of her wonderful life ahead as an author and creator of a children’s literary icon.






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I love hearing about how a story goes from 1st thought to end product – so inspiring, Meg…

Meg McKinlay

In my last post, I referred to “the glorious rubble” that was the process of excavating and clearing out my childhood home. And that, on account of me being me, that rubble fed inevitably into the creative well, setting all sorts of things in motion.

Today, I want to talk about the first of those things, which has turned into a gorgeous little picture book called Ella and the Useless Day. As is the case for a lot of my work, this is something I started working on many years ago, which has had a long and bumpy ride to publication. When I first wrote Ella, back in 2005, it was the story of a little girl and her father who have a big cleanout and take all the useless things they don’t want any more to the local tip. There, where the bulk of the story’s action…

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Received my copy today and absolutely loved “Ella and the Useless Day”! I know my grandie will too. I am taking it to him next week. Thank you, Meg and well done, yet again!

Meg McKinlay

Firstly, thank you: for your kind and enthusiastic and kindly enthusiastic responses to my last post. I am particularly heartened that people seem to like my scribbled poetry notes. These little fragments are where I feel most at home creatively and I look forward to rambling about them at length in the future.

For now, though, I’ve been thinking about the long, slow process of cleaning out my childhood home, which took place over the last couple of years – firstly in a big, focused burst, and then in dribs and drabs and trickles and whimpers. It was full of sadness and joy and reminiscence and teeth-grinding and head-shaking and many more things besides. We moved around a lot in the first few years of my life and I have blurry memories of that time, but the year I turned five, my parents bought the one and only house they…

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Once again I am inspired by my brother’s wonderful close-up photography…

HAIKU:  To a Raven…

Mr. Raven, why  
the frown? The sun is shining... 
What have you found? 

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2022 

#Insta-Inspires:Haiku:ToARaven #ozbushbytes #WABirdlife #Inspiration #Instagram #Poetry #POETRY:Haiku #WestAustralianBirds #NatureInspires #HaikuPoems

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Insta-Inspires: Dance Haiku

My brother Paddy has started sharing his wonderful photography and video of West Australian Birdlife via an Instagram account which I find very inspiring.

Haiku: Dance

Pink-Eared ducks 
dance their cycle of life,
dinner table drill. 

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2022

#Insta-Inspires:DanceHaiku #ozbushbytes #WABirdlife #Inspiration #Instagram #Poetry #POETRY:Haiku #WestAustralianBirds #NatureInspires #HaikuPoems

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Insta-Inspires: Forest Haiku

Thanks to the Instagram image Rose Van Son posted this morning:


Red stalks, black bark.
Rain greens after burning.
Forest life returns.

Frances Macaulay Forde ©  2022

#Insta-Inspires:ForestHaiku #RoseVanSon #LocalPoets #WAWriters #Inspiration #Instagram #Poetry #POETRY:Haiku #RainAfterFire #ForestRenews #HaikuPoems

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Irish Midsummer

Just shared this post on Instagram:

Whilst rediscovering a lost love in Ireland, I spent 14 months absorbing inspiration, in the cradle of storytelling. I am currently working on putting some impressions into a small chapbook.

Irish Midsummer 

The young hare

on country roads,

blurred speed,

dancing with danger.

Ears flat back along,

legs pumping,

stretched out

in thumping rhythm. 

Teenagers vogue

among foxgloves,

buttercups, daisies…

Identify fatal perfumes

inviting the innocent,

unwary sniffer to twitch

inquisitive noses roadside.

Sudden glare of spotlights

freeze-framed, seconds

star struck - THWACK!

Her body flies up, stops.

Legs loosely flap - fold.

Here lies… with body stilled,

knees crossed like a lady…

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

#POEM:IrishMidsummer  #FrancesMacaulayForde #BOOK:SketchingInIreland #IrishPoems

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