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To keep my old fingers warm, I’m doing so much knitting these days.  My grandson has a favourite blanket which is now well past it’s prime but he insists the four I have made since, to replace it, just don’t cut the mustard!

My daughter wanted a lacy shawl to wear over her shoulder for a winter wedding but the first version was the wrong colour and more a poncho… the second screamed Granny and the third confirmed crochet just wasn’t… so I converted it to a skirt for her niece!

And my grandson has his own signature style jerkins and jumpers but I love to knit for babies too.

Haiku Memories


Infant in pink

Nanna’s careful looping

knits memory


Complicated re-

call of life’s patterns

crocheted with love


Wanting to freeze

frame glympses, keep sakes

in dated order



familial purl noted

before casting off

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2013


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As it seems I am not the only fan of good poetry, I wanted to give you all a heads up about another excellent poem on Write Out Loud today.

It’s ‘Noises Off’ by Tony Hill, one of my favourite poets who unfortunately doesn’t post encough for me – I eagerly away any new poem, relishing his clever words each time he does.

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entry picture

Counting sleep…

I have so many Pinterest boards,

they overwhelm me…

but it’s necessary I check them

every night before sleep.

Gazing at the beautiful photos

calms me, prepares me for rest.


It’s a mystery – drives hubby mad

considering  for hours…

glittering jewels, intricate designs,

glamourous clothes.

Royal fashion icons addictively

inspire imagination.


A girly thing, I know, which by now,

I should have outgrown…

Then last night’s epiphany! I don’t actually

want jewels, gorgeous gowns…

travel to exotic places, adoration.

It’s something else entirely.


Lingering over pictures of our Queen

examining her dress…

Remembering my mother similarly

draped, often in home made.

I need that royal smile or frown knowing

her royal age, limited time left


to vicariously exist… believe I’ve not

lost someone I love and still miss.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2018

My latest poem, posted today on Write Out Loud.

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I’ve just found this page devoted to ‘Paper Lace’ (1974) a band I helped book gigs, through my many social club contacts in Zambia during the early 70’s, on a website lead guitarist  Kenny Ramage, set up. The band, Paper Lace, is also how I met Paudie in 1973 and eventually married my gorgeous man 28 years later.

Paper Lace

Kitwe, Zambia
1972 – 1975

Paper Lace – Live on Zambian TV – Kitwe ZBC Studios 1974

From the eyes and ears of Paudie Coughlan:
This band was in existence when I moved to Kitwe in December 1973. The up-front musicians were Kenny Ramage on lead guitar and Adrian Lawlor as lead vocals. Sue Forde managed and organised the group. Kenny was actually in his last year of boarding school at this time, and was talented way beyond his age. We used stand-in lead guitarists while Kenny was away.He joined full time in mid 1974. Most of the sessions were in Kitwe at places like the BCEL Club, Polo Club, and Flying Club. Unfortunately Mindolo Dam was going through a ban on sessions at the time of these photos due to fights. Sue also managed to get us a formal function at the Kitwe Club, which led to other formal club functions.

Kenny RamageKenny Ramage doing a lead guitar solo during a session at the BCEL Club in Kitwe. Robin Kinnear is in the background. Out of shot are Dave Robbins (drums), Robbie Centonze (bass), Adrian Lawlor (lead vocals) and Paudie Coughlan (keyboards/rhythm guitar). This was the beginning of a transition period just before Dave Robbins leaving, and Robbie going onto drums, and Robin onto bass. The BCEL Club became a very popular session venue during this period due to the ban at Mindolo Dam.
Dave, Robin and PaudieThis, and the next two shots, were taken at a private function at the Masonic Hall in Kitwe (alongside the Buff Club, furtherest away from the Parklands shops). The function was either Billy Charlton’s 21st birthday party, or a wedding (around that time could have been Pierre and Cherrie Fabel? Gavin and Jill Knowles?). Out of shot are Adrian Lawlor and Gavin Cochran (a stand-in lead guitarist). The fingers on the left belong to Robbie Centonze on bass. These three shots were taken by Sue Forde.
DaveMusic affects musicians in different ways (as it does the people who listen to them playing it). Here Dave Robbins is off on a musically induced fantasy about………? The music must have been slow and dreamy here because drummers don’t usually play with their eyes closed, for obvious reasons (like missing a drum or two).

Gavin and Adrian

Out of shot is Robbie Centonze. Gavin Cochran was from Ndola, ex Lusaka. He later played in a number of Ndola bands, including several started by Mike and Geoff Paynter. In addition to being a lead vocalist, Adrian was also a fairly accomplished drummer and rhythm guitarist. Obscured in the photo are Robin and Dave.

Kenny - Checking that things are OKKenny Ramage undergoing what we musicians called “Pre-Gig Maintenance”. The procedure being carried out is “Body, Mind and Soul Lubrication”. Kenny is using the very popular and highly respected “Mosi Lager Ingestion Method”. Note the semi-braced position and the determined look on his face. The procedure is repeated several times before, and even during, the gig. This method was controversial because the recommended dosage could easily be exceeded. The symptoms from exceeding the recommended dosage included lack of coordination, slurred speech, inability to stand up properly, and a general loosening of social inhibitions resulting in anything from over-amorous, to ridiculous, to aggressive behaviour. HOWEVER, musicians are a tough and hardy breed (especially NR / Zam ones). Even when suffering from severe overdose symptoms from this treatment, they managed to play complicated chords and solos on guitars and keyboards, play complicated drum beats, stand up straight, remember the words of songs and pronounce them properly, sing in tune, check out the chicks, and in general carry out proper and enjoyable entertainment of their audiences. True professionals.

At Sue Forde’s farewell dinner before she left for Australia. Note the true musicians’ attitude being demonstrated by Kenny, in that he is wearing a head-band at a dinner at the then snooty Kitwe Club. Karen Kearns, then going out with Adrian, was sister of Geoff Kearns, drummer in that very successful ex-Kitwe band “The Gentle People”. I believe that Karen is in RSA, and John Costopoulos tells me that Geoff is now in Australia after leaving Durban. Keith Parry married Kitwe girl Carol Hope, and as far as I know they went “down south”. The look on Sue Bartlett’s face shows that she was clearly not used to the behaviour of musicians in posh surroundings. Sue B. was from Kalalushi.
Paper Lace eventually broke up in late 1975 after both Kenny and then Adrian left Zambia to go to RSA, where they later played in bands together in Jo’burg. Robbie Centonze (drums), Robin Kinnear (bass), and myself (keyboards/rhythm guitar) then joined up with Pete Cotterill (lead guitar) to form “Crystal Blu”. This band was Ndola based, and played a lot at Tudor Inn, and the usual Kitwe venues. Mike Thomas frequently guested with “Crystal Blu” on lead vocals (and tambourine!). Mike, Robbie, Robin, and myself went on to play for various separate Copperbelt bands into the 1980’s.

(Although some sections have not been copied here, Paudie Coughlan originally wrote the [full] article for the Great North Road website which is now archived.)


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“The scars of war have settled on each of us in different ways…”


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It’s been 10 years since the last event… 

NATIONAL POETRY WEEK at Poets Corner @ Pages Cafe ~ 30th August 2008


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