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tender words
questions answers
your current reality


furtive glance
visual dance
clever hands and fingers


tentative press
to shy flesh
still clothed in other loves


breathe you in
where’ve you been
through all my loves and life

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2007

From my book “Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey” published in Cork, Ireland, 2003


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Trendy shades that click to match.


Except for what looks like a hearing aid

turning us all into

business buskers barking at buildings.


And it’s natural to turn

when someone says ‘Hello’.


You even get a choice now.

Number display.

Answer or reject.


(Blasted ‘Call Waiting’.)

Choose to ignore the insistent beeping

and inevitably

others can’t resist the burning question.


Favourite songs are ruined forever

by ringing interpretations.


Courtesy has gone out the window.

Lunch breaks deleted.

Performances interrupted.

Moving movie moments spoilt.


Availability questioned

by “This mobile is turned off”.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2001

(First published ‘Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey’, 2003, Cork, Ireland.)


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A delicious dance

In my kitchen

I contemplate a new mix,

a special combination

with heightened flavours.

The perfected recipe.


At last, a chance

to bite into real love!

The thrill of discovery

I’ve tried unsuccessfully

to master, for years.


Many times before,

I tried blending,

picking ingredients

so carefully…


stirring the pot.


But I wrongly used

wooden utensils –

failed to find

the perfect dish,

until you added

that extra dash.


That mysterious tang

which previously

eluded my search –

the ultimate formula.


Tempting my taste buds,

leaving them bereft

of that special essence;

everlasting love.


You are the recipe

and lust the icing

on my now perfected

carrot cake of life.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2002

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There’s no place for love at this time in my life.

I envy those who achieve the balance of need.

Opportunities ignored in the interest of safe-ness,

flying toward my ability’s determined focus.


Children gone in their own living-dreams direction,

their lessons learnt and heeded.  My job’s complete.

Is this my way of avoiding the ‘empty nest’ syndrome;

gathering materials for comfort as I settle to old age?


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

(1st Pub. “Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey”, Ireland 2003)

#FrancesMacaulayForde  #HiddenCapacity  #LovePoems  #Romance


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Love is like taking a bus…

In my car, the seat belt secures,

holding steady against the bumps and sways,

harnessing against the change in equilibrium,

but I am on a bus – The Love Bus.

The corners are killers – no seat belt – no you!


I need you to steady my seat – hold my body still,

temper my impetuous reactions to change.

I need to be wrapped in bonds that secure,

sort out my floundering in an unfamiliar sea.

When the waves crash – you are prepared.

We are standing, weight evenly balanced,


both feet planted firmly in our future.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

(1st Pub. “Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey”, Ireland 2003)

#FrancesMacaulayForde  #HiddenCapacity  #LovePoems  #Romance

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You just want to see

how I eat ice creams.

Do I take bites,

or enclose the cream?

Covering the teeth,


the delicate surface.

Sliding softly

over the peak,

held delicately

in my hand,

fingers wrapped,


I lick around

in long strokes

working my way

to the tip, then

short tasting licks.

Quick flicks

that tantalize.

Swirl my tongue

round and round.

Over the top


Taking the whole,

fitting perfectly,

smoothed by

the shape of my mouth.

A little nip before release

and I swallow the cream

with a smile…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

(1st Pub. “Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey”, Ireland 2003)

#FrancesMacaulayForde  #HiddenCapacity  #LovePoems  #Romance

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I lie in my bed and sail unfamiliar seas.

I am lost with no map, no guidance.

I still marvel because you love me.


Is the breeze which finds your sheets

as warm and strong – comforting,

as the sweet breathe of  this new life?


A promise of new love – remembered love.

Your pursed lips blow photographed kisses

across 10,000 miles. My wounded heart


responds – leaps in hope – wallows in want

too scared to expect love. Yet, convinced

by your confident words that all my dreams


are possible…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

(1st Pub. “Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey”, Ireland 2003)

#FrancesMacaulayForde  #HiddenCapacity  #LovePoems  #Romance

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PP Sue H

Were you ever naughty as a child?

Yes – of course but I could smile and charm my way out of any frown.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Anything that sparkles: smiles, sunlight and serious jewels.

Did you have a favorite teacher at school?

My French teacher was strict but always looked like a fashion model straight from Paris, with exquisite accessories.

Where do you most like to read?

Snuggled up in bed when it’s cold or on the patio when it’s not too hot, but I do most of my reading these days sitting in front of my computer in my study, surrounded by the written word!

Which childhood books stick in your mind?

The ‘Royal Book of Ballet’ by Shirley Goulden, illustrated by Maraja, published by Follett 1962. Stories of famous ballets; Nutcracker, Petrushka, Swan Lake, Copelia, Sleeping Beauty… then there’s also anything by Enid Blyton: Faraway Tree, Wishing Chair, Noddy etc etc.

Where are all the books in your house?

All around me in my study, in the lounge, family room, passage to the bedrooms, in my bedroom plus I have boxes in storage too!

Did you ever fail at anything? Or what are you hopeless/worst at?

Often!  I absolutely freeze at exams no matter how much I’ve studied and usually know the answers…   But I’m also very good at running away or hiding at the first sign of success.

My mother (or father) always told me to ….

Do my best.

Do you have a favorite word?

No – far too many (seriously) to choose from. 

If you could invite anyone (past or present) to dinner, who would it be? Please explain why.

  1. Joanne Rowling I have some things in common with her: No money, a belief that I can write for children, the willingness to forgo common comforts and the tenacity to keep writing. I want to share more. I want Warner Brothers (or Steven Spielberg) to buy the rights and produce movies of my stories and let me write the scripts. 
  2. Richard Ford – I attended his workshop at Munster Literature Centre in Cork, 2003.  He was inspiring and fascinating as a writer. Think ‘Independence Day’, Pulitzer Prize and the Pen/Faulkner Award. http://www.salon.com/weekly/interview960708.html
  3. Barbara Streisand – her grasp of melody, her strive for perfection, her non-compromising attitude and talent.  As a screenwriter I want to discuss films, as a not-so-gorgeous girl, I related to ‘Funny Girl’ but also as a woman, we’ve both recently fallen in love and found true romance after fifty.
  4. Lord Macaulay I want to know how he came up with the idea of writing ‘The History of England’ – never mind his approach and are we related?

What is your career highlight?

Writing: Winning a Furphy Award for the Best Children’s Book Manuscript ‘The Swimming Pool People’ 1983

Poetry: publishing my first book ‘Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey’ in Ireland 2003.

Film:  the film of my script ‘Love You Mum’ made in 2005 then the film winning Best Film & many other awards or nominations in festivals here and overseas.

What is your career lowlight?

Not being eligible for nomination for the film ‘Love You Mum’ in any of the awards it was entered, many of which it won, here and overseas because I wasn’t a resident of South Australia. 

What are you currently working on?

Current writing a War-time love story/feature based on my parents: Dad was a Pathfinder in the RAF and Mum was a WRAF Sergeant so I’m engrossed in family research AND writing manuscripts for picture books.



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I can hear the sea outside my window

and the beat of the waves against the sand.


The glimpse of your face in the shadows,

tears down my cheek, splashing on my hand.


My paper’s all covered with lines that I write

trying to express what countless poets have said..


To put into different words how I fight the emptiness

of my room and the loneliness ahead.


I’m making my own unhappiness as punishment

for leaving you because I was proud


Waiting for a letter you may have sent,

trying to be happy with what surrounds.


There’s nothing that means very much to me. 

What I want I can’t have – I did it to myself.


You’re not to blame because you couldn’t see

how serious all the little things were, that I felt, to me.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 1974

(1st pub; “Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey” Ireland, 2003.)

#FrancesMacaulayForde  #HiddenCapacity  #Poems  #Romance

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Mytwosentences 72.

My newest blog follower Edward Roads posts 2 sentences with a photo – which I find both  innovative and inspiring.   His latest has reminded me of a poem which I thought I’d share, both are about the unspoken:


Priority Seating


Chivalry’s not dead.

Young man offers an older

person his seat, but

not the young lady. He stands

silently, matching her sway.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

Published  in “Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey”, Ireland 2003 &  “Rail Tales” Perth, 2013, AVAILABLE from AMAZON.


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