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Wedding Day.

I mentioned Emma & Ryan’s wedding, the other day… well it’s here and having just finished my outfit in plenty of time, I’m pleased with the result.

It’s always hard finding something for the not-perfect figure, or my age; I don’t want to look 65 when I still think 40, even thought I know I should…

There are some gorgeous things on the net – just my style but they take so long to get here and aren’t reliable.

So my solution to not walking in wearing the same as everyone else – make my own unique piece!  I get inspiration from my Pinterest board.

Anyway, time to go and get ready – see my total outfit, put together with hair and war-paint and watch the bride and groom exchange words – but first a little poem about my own true love.

Before you…


… I slept in a bed

without creases,

only pulled up

the sheet to straighten,

smooth – no effort at all!

Ready, for the next dream-time.


Now I love my wrinkles…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003 


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Final installment – thanks so much Dianne – wonderful coverage!


The best Arts events inspire controversy . But who IMG_5261would have thought in this age of religious tension, detention and blue ties that a little girl’s toilet break could inspire impassioned letters to the editor? It seems that public urination is a hot topic not just in Paris and Perth but also in Oklahoma . And my parents and husband were close enough to almost feel the splash! They’d perched at a table with a reserved sign amidst people they discovered were from Down South, but the table was actually reserved for Jean-Luc. By the time Karen and I arrived, the controversial moment was over, the asphalt was drying and everyone was enjoying a second drink…

The meeting of The Diver and the Little Girl a few hours later occurred against the impressive backdrop of The Swan River and included Noongar smoke cleansing for purity and cleansing and face painting.

DSC_0270 FullSizeRenderss 

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Inspiring Giants – Day Two

The Giants continue…


Day Two, Saturday: Mum and Lionel were up early to reclaim their bench. IMG_1469

Meanwhile the rest of the family went to watch The Diver wake up. While waiting near the overpass we noticed people in the multi-storey carpark. We joined them and had a brilliant view of The Diver’s leap, accompanied by a stirring James Bond soundtrack.

DSC_0016DSC_0007 DSC_0038DSC_0026 DSC_0043

The Diver even peered at us as he passed. DSC_0047

We gave him a wave, then raced through the crowd trying to get ahead of the parade so we could take up the amazing offer of being in ‘The Bubble’; a taped off area walking through the street just ahead of Diver. What a great opportunity. We took so many photos…

IMG_4785IMG_4780 We followed The Diver to the park where he had his afternoon nap. The Lilliputians helped Diver remove his helmet then wheeled out a record player and put on a record to help him…

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Inspiring Giants – Day One

Wonderful coverage… congratulations, Dianne!


Watching Royal de Luxe’s Giants walk through Perth was unforgettable especially with the knowledge that Lighthouse Girl provided inspiration for the Little Girl Giant’s story. It’s taken a week to catch my breath and sort through dozens of wonderful Giant photos, many taken by my photographer sister, Karen Davidson. Like many others, I followed the Little Girl Giant and The Diver through the streets of Perth for three days. Here is Day One…


After flying to Perth on Thursday I was met by my parents who’d driven across the Nullarbor from Albury. My sister and daughter also flew in to join the fun. For three days we became Giant Groupies. Our first sighting was Thursday evening when Karen and I saw Jean-Luc and his team making preparations at Langley Park. We stopped for a quick chat.

Friday: Mum and Lionel found the perfect bench outside their hotel. IMG_4759

Once they were settled…

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05FMF Postcard 2


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Food for thought.

Publishing Insights


The Write Life publishes an infographic to help authors decide whether they should pursue self-publishing or follow the path of traditional publishing.

In a discussion of this infographic, Mutterings of a Fantasy Writer refers to July 2014 Author Earnings Report which reports some statistics about “emerging trends in the world of digital publishing”

One thing that I’ve wanted to point out is that I think there is a general misconception with traditional and self publishers about “getting the book out there.” There is no “out there.” There is only “who is for” and “how is the author cultivating and adding value for readers.” People read and share information based on trust in relationships, and we should bear that in mind when we write/publish a book.

Image Credit: The Write Life

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I can relate; I have to get the idea straight in my head then I write a poem – too!

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

devPetty1by Dev Petty

I wrote a whole post for this very blog some time ago about NOT writing and just thinking. I wrote about getting to the heart of your story idea in your head before you ever write a word. I believe in that process…big time. But it’s not how I wrote I DON’T WANT TO BE A FROG. That’s a different story. That’s the story of how a sort of basic story idea turned into one with legs…frog legs! In fact, it was the writing of FROG that taught me to slow down and think, to find the story thread before I started writing.


I knew I wanted to write a story all in dialogue. I wanted it to be funny. And I wanted it to be about a frog. I like frogs, it was that simple. Not much to go on, eh? Believe me, my first efforts…

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One of the most fun assignment I’ve ever had was for our largest Hospital’s Emergency Department in 2006.

Way before EK Chase (I’ve just discovered) seemed to adopt my idea for a One Direction song ;  I was commissioned to write a series of 30 second ads to be played on the in-house TVs.

They wanted to get boring facts ‘out there’ to resonate with the target audience of drug users and drunks who, when inebriated practiced dangerous habits – particularly the younger ones.

Well, I’ve worked with and written for teenagers quite a bit, so I guess I was a natural choice.


The first five 30 second advertisement scripts generally tell the story of Chlamydia using toys as characters in a party atmosphere at the dolls house, with soundtrack music provided by —–.

Hands obviously (in shot) hold the toys as they enact the scenes: going up or down stairs, break-dancing etc. Full-sized beer cans are scattered around the dolls house.   

The humorous use of toys with full sized items should provide a comedic edge together with the further juxtapositioning of a serious message in between the seemingly frivolous.

I was paid well and applauded for what I gave them, however the production team didn’t meet their criteria so in the end, my scripts weren’t actually filmed.

All that effort wasn’t wasted – I know the ideas were adapted and used in various ways for workshops and conferences etc.

My “CHLAMYDIA RAP” dissolved the whole office of Medicos into stitches (pardon the pun) – and I still like it:


Listen here! Y’all need to know
Chlam – ydd-ee-ah Trach – o –mat – is is
as common as ‘the clap’ is.
It’s spead by sex without a hat,
don’t even know when you’re got at
– s’real dangerous for bubs ‘n testies,
‘cos it’s sneaky ‘n snarly ‘n silent as
‘til your eyes go pink ‘n your bum goes red.
Before y’know it – you’re real sick in bed.
Just pee in a cup – then give it up.
We’ll tell you by text so no-one knows
–one shot anti-be, ‘n away you go.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2006

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91-0kJVX66L._SL1500_ 81VhU35CveL._SL1500_ (1) 81ns8EDwnbL._SL1500_815EM4T5NqL._AA1500_ (1)TN 811pbJJ4NTL._SL1500_

Just to let everyone know, I’m busy taking my e-books off Kindle but leaving a couple of print versions of poetry books available on Amazon.

Soon after they were published on Amazon/Kindle, I found the mss available for free download (elsewhere) on the net.    I reported it to Amazon who said they had been copied illegally…  (?)  Not happy, Jan!

I want to try another publishing vehicle to see what their service is like and will let you know as soon as I have set it up.

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We’ve been invited to a wedding at the end of the month, and I’m certainly looking forward to meeting all the bride and groom’s friends.

The happy couple are well ensconced in Perth’s thriving music scene, specializing in swampy, bluesy, romantic rock sounds.

Known as ‘Cat Black’ they’ve surrounded themselves with other ‘hip’ fashion designers, publishers, writers, artists and musicians and I can’t wait!

From first hearing Emma (lead singer/writer) play the penny whistle we brought her back from Ireland, to buying a copy of her first CD, I’ve watched she and partner Ryan (lead guitar) follow their bliss and explore where their talent takes them.

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder  watched the band, was wowed by Ryan and Emma, stayed for the whole session and asked for copies of their CDs.  The band was invited backstage for Pearl Jam‘s concert the following night to hand them over.

I know the wedding will be beautiful and different, inspired by art, fashion and music – a veritable feast for any poet and writer.

I’ll certainly have my mental notebook pages open.



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