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Source: The Dressmaker leads AACTA Awards noms

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I’d completely forgotten I had recorded quite a few poems on SoundCloud.

Here’s “All Washed Up” and I’m just looking to see what else I can make ‘public’.



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This looks hilarious!

The Fluff Is Raging

A movie of Dad’s Army?


With Toby Jones, Bill Nighy, Michael Gambon, Tom Courtenay, Bill Paterson, and Catherine Zeta-Jones?


Okay, this could be great … or it could be an embarrassment.

Series creator Jimmy Perry is one of the Executive Producers, so at least with his involvement, perhaps they’ve kept some of the charm of the original.

Oh, I am calling it now: Zeta-Jones has to be the spy, right?

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I’d completely forgotten I had recorded quite a few poems on SoundCloud.

Here’s ‘My Life As a Sari’ and I’m just looking to see what else I can make ‘public’.



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Bridge of Spies

Definitely on my list!

Film Mafia

Bridge Of Spies One Sheet****1/2 (out of five)

Bridge of Spies is heaven in the dark, an extraordinarily well-calibrated historical drama from storytellers par excellence, Steven Spielberg, the Cohen Brothers, and young Matt Charman. How Charman, whose credit list is very, very short, ended up joining the Cohen Brothers writing a huge Tom Hanks movie for Spielberg to direct is, I’m sure, an amazing story – but not as amazing as that told in Bridge of Spies.

As an episode in Cold War shenanigans, you’ll have heard this one told as something along the lines of the Francis Gary Powers incident. While Powers is certainly instrumental to the film, the Cohen and Charman screenplay steps aside and views the story through the prism of Russian prisoner Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) and his lawyer, then negotiator for his release, James Donovan (Tom Hanks, in what can now definitely be called A Tom Hanks Role). Not…

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The Borrowers (Poetry Monthly)


An expedition, all the way to the top –

me, and my two year old; a picnic

by a covey of chattering pines…


Planted an oak, to stake our claim,

the day we moved in; the hill – ours,

hers and mine, plus a hundred acres of sky.


Dwarfed – our cottage, way below,

in the peach-tree dappled shade,

of a long-since tended orchard.


Bees – strum-hum in the clover,

and a skylark sings the many faces

of god and she sees dragons in the clouds.


‘Look!’ I say.  ‘There’s a ‘Meadow Brown’ –

a ‘Painted Lady’, but now – far too busy,

playing with her toys.


Tea-time – the wind is chill, so pick up

her bat and ball – her teddy; a book

I brought to read.  Fat chance of that!


‘Couldn’t we stay?’ she whines, as I lift her

to my hip.  Grubby hands reach out –

reluctant to leave…


grabs a tuft of budding vetch; purple

and white.  Gleefully, she brings it home –

as tiny flowers, shyly open


but the butterflies, the sun, the smell

of fresh-shorn grass, too much for us

to carry, and indeed, not ours to take.


Only on loan…the hill – the whole

of this.  The best I can do, is to promise

we’ll come again…maybe tomorrow,


but then…only if we give back,

what we borrow.



Silver Spun Sand on ABC Tales


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The Blue Duck

I’m disappointed to hear Charlie is bringing his mistress (oops wife) to Cottesloe – perhaps to re-enact the ‘beach kiss’ he can’t forget with Jan Priest… in the 70’s!

(Note:  saw a quote on Facebook today and should have heeded it: “Google before posting!”)

Perth Words... exploring possibilities.


My daughter and I ate pancakes and drank tea at The Blue Duck on iconic Cottesloe Beach today – she needed a special treat.  Although the breeze was strong, we enjoyed listening to the very small waves kissing the beach.

??????????  ??????????  ??????????

It’s the same beach where Heather Locklear married the good-looking one from Kiss, quite a few years ago now.

Also more recently stars from all over the world formed a circle in the surf at sunset, to say goodbye to WA actor Heath Ledger, following his wake at the famous Indiana Tea House.

The Blue Duck

Three container ships

queue on Fremantle’s

horizon; Gage roads.


Two lifeguards in

red and yellow patrol

Cottesloe beach.


One blue writer

drinks inspiration from

white cup and rolling surf.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2005

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Well loyal readers, I’ve taken the plunge and opened up not one, but two ETSY shops; one to sell my BOOKS and one for my much loved SOFT TOYS.

I’m busy working on a little SOFTIE Elf and a SOFTIE Santa to make available in time for the holidays.

So if you’d like something made for someone special, please make sure you order before 15th November to get your purchases in time for Christmas.

I’ve updated my Books for Sale and offer two poetry chapbooks and a children’s story:

12LoveBooks (9)w  12RailTalesCoverPrintW  12Oct8SantaSwimHARDCover (2)e

& created a new page full of adorable Softies – unique gifts for special people: Soft Toys for Sale.

03FrenchDoll1 08SeptBoyDolls11 10Jun28SonjaHazelGrace (40)aW 12Jan26SonjaFOOFAdoll1Web 140920Dens70th 011ADJw  PinkDolly

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It’s TOMORROW – Tuesday 20th October 2015. At 12.15 the meeting will commence then I get to speak/workshop until 2pm.  See you there!



Perth Words... exploring possibilities.

??????????????????????????????? Being introduced at the Avon Valley Writers Festival, 2012.

Talk about booking well in advance: the West Australian branch of the Society of Women Writersasked me at the beginning of the year, to run a workshop ‘Writing for the Screen’in October.

I’m told they expect around 60 people to attend the General Meeting and stay for my presentation – so I’m looking forward to the challenge.  🙂

Well used to presenting to an audience either in person, on a stage or on screen, I’m not really worried about showing a short film made from my script then talking about my experience.

??????????????????????????????? Some of the audience for my Avon Valley Writers Festival workshop having a go at a one pager, 2012.

The intention is to also get them to have a go at a one pager, then pick a couple to read out and critique. A similar workshop during the inaugural Avon…

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An honest assessment.

Film Mafia


** (out of five)

It is a truth almost universally acknowledged that a protagonist must be at least somehow likeable in order for an audience to spend a movie following them. It should also, by now, be a truth universally acknowledged that Bradley Cooper is an excellent actor (perhaps his three Oscar nominations in that category can move those who still consider him just a funny guy with a pretty face). To me it is obvious that Cooper likes to stretch himself, take risks, rise to a challenge. Perhaps that’s why he took the role of Adam Jones in Burnt, a character who must be the most unlikeable protagonist seen in a mainstream movie in many years. It is a challenge to sit through his appalling behaviour for the film’s ninety-seven minutes. Cooper is always believable, always compelling, but Adam makes you want to punch him in the face.


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