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‘Like’ – I LOVED this poem “Bitchin’ in the Kitchen Sink Drama”  by Paul Waring.  READ it on WRITE OUT LOUD or click the picture! 😅   As a visually oriented reader, I actually laughed out loud!


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An excellent insider report all creative writers should read, written by someone who should know; Perth University of WA Publisher Terri-Ann White:


I want to talk about publishing and writing in Australia today. We have an old publishing industry that clings tightly to some of its early twentieth-century etiquette while dealing with a world in flux.  READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE

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An excellent interview with an iconic Aussie actor. I had the pleasure of hearing him launch a book by one of my favourite writers T.A.G. Hungerford; “What Happened to Joseph…” and hear him read a few of the poems.

Cinema Australia

Jack Thompson and Aden Young in Don’t Tell.

When I told Jack Thompson I was calling from Fremantle in Western Australia, he was quick to let me know how fond he was of the Port City.

In the mid-90s, Thompson acted in Graeme Rattigan’s Under The Lighthouse Dancing which was shot just off Fremantle on the west coast’s most famous island playground, Rottnest.

“Jacqueline McKenzie played my wife in that,” Thompson remembered fondly.

Twenty years later Thompson and ‘Jackie’ – as he affectionately refers to his friend – are starring together in another film, Tori Garrett’s directorial debut, Don’t Tell, which sees them playing opposing barristers.

“I’ve known Jackie for quite some time and she’s really good in this movie. She plays the barrister who works for the church and I’m pleased to say that I win the case,” Thompson chuckles deeply.

He’s referring to the real life…

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If you are able, please support CJ with a small monthly pledge. He does a magnificent job of reviewing projects not always in the main stream…

Film Mafia

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i-am-heath-ledger-movie-trailer.jpg*** (out of five)

I Am Heath Ledger is a cinematic portrait of Ledger the artist. Devoid of gossip and any hint of salaciousness, it will disappoint the TMZ crowd but should prove rich for film students, particularly those of the art of screen acting. It is so tasteful and craft-oriented that, even though Naomi Watts is one of the prominent interview subjects, no mention is made of her and Ledger’s love affair. Nor is any image shown of Ledger with an alcoholic beverage, a joint or in any state of mind other than alert and engaged. His death is dealt with quickly, at the end, after a single mention of “demons”, a reference to an “unravelling”, and a few nods to his insomnia.

So dispel thoughts of getting any “dirt” and revel instead in the actor, director, sometime visual artist…

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Hmmm – this looks good! Reminds me of a script I started some time ago about Asian Pirates and never finished…

Cinema Australia

Message Man

Written and Directed by Corey Pearson
Produced by Corey Pearson and Mark Nelson
Starring Paul O’Brien, Verdi Solomin, Aji Sontosa and Agni Pratistha Kuswardono

Message Man is the story a retired hitman Ryan teller who lives a life of solitude on his boat skirting around the islands of Indoensia. When Ryan’s boat breaks, his is forced to visit a nearby islands and is befriended by Doni, a young charismatic local boy. Their relationship develops and Ryan finds a sense of family for the first time in his life. But when a group of pirates who are abducting young girls from the islands harm Doni, ryan’s brutal past surfaces and his actions set of a chain reaction which leads a life long enermy straight to him. Ryan must embark on a path of redemption to set things right and finish something he started years ago.

Keep an eye on

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The Boffin


The Boffin

bookshops are like lovers

they numb in black & white

then seduce you with colour


titillate and tempt your soul

until you finally let go

find the courage to close


the book ~ pages which leave

you gasping ~ the breath of air

on your face feels like a slap


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2004

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Congratulations, Ric – that’s a huge achievement.

Ric Curtin

In the next two weeks I have a feature film, a feature documentary and two TV series being released.

Bad Girl is a feature film that was shot in Perth. After being edited in Sydney by Simon Njoo, the rest of the post production was done in Perth, with Sandbox creating the visual effects and grading the pictures and Curtin Productions doing the sound.

One of the big challenges on the film was the music. We were fortunate to have Warren Ellis, of Bad Seeds fame, as composer. Rather than compose to the picture cut, he created themes that the director, Fin Edquist, and I would then manipulate, remixing the stems and editing the music around to fit the picture. It was a fun challenge, and in meeting it I relied heavily on my many years of experience as a music engineer.

I was the dialogue editor as well…

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“Once authors are published, it is as if they have been ordained and are revered for their ‘otherness’ but they are ordinary people who have to shop and work and earn a living.



A recent interview with…”  READ the full article by Evie Gaughan.

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“The Journey”

Colm Meaney on playing Martin McGuinness: ‘He was born into this’

“The star of The Journey reveals how his own involvement with Sinn Féin helped him understand the late IRA commander turned peacemaker.”  READ the  FULL Guardian Article by   : Thursday 4 May 2017


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170504Phone 017w.jpg

Look what just arrived:  “The No I Ladies Detective Agency”  Complete First Season of the TV Series – hopefully it won’t be too long before the 2nd season airs.  It’s based on the amazing series of books by Alexander McCall Smith who writes with humor and honesty about real characters we all get to know and love.

Hubby and I had the privilege of listening to him talk here in Perth a couple of years ago ~ my big fan-girl moment:  Mma Ramotswe  He was hilarious and charming…


I’m sooooooooooo excited!  Can’t wait to put this into my DVD player and watch it again.   (Just the tonic I need to cheer me up after a nasty cold.)

When I watched this series on TV, the feeling, the atmosphere the gentleness of the characters and their happiness took me straight back to the Africa I grew up in.

Although I lived on the Copperbelt in Northern Rhodesia now Zambia, in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s, this series is the truest depiction of the Africa and Africans I knew and loved as a child.

If you haven’t seen it (in the words of a well-known Aussie pop guru) “Do yourself a favor!”  Go out and order it today.

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