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Isradella waits

for ghosts of lovers past

to homogenize


Perfect recipes of want

ingredients elusive

beg materialize


Abundant beauty falls

shorter than ideal

too rarefied


Hope ever lives in one

who strives for vision

so eulogized


Reality proves tepid

in life-dreams eye

and Isradella cries


Disbelieve the sellers

unattainable perfection

and real-eyes


Love no longer exists

the world’s forgotten

to individualize


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2000

Poem No 19 ‘Return of Rainbows’ in ‘Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey’ pub Cork, Ireland, 2003.


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Colour my life with rainbow hues

happiness yellow,

warm pinks,

cool, distant blues

and the green of Ireland.


I miss you in my life.


I want to touch your skin.

I want to make you  smile

make your eyes twinkle

with lust – amusement

at my clever words


and electronic kisses…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2002

(Poem No 30 in ‘Exploring Possibilities…’ section of ‘Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey’, by Frances Macaulay Forde, 1st published in Cork, Ireland, 2003.)


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141227Anniversary 006W

My handsome hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary today ~ 11 years since we finally said ‘I do’; almost 2 years after he found my name on the net;  28 years after first meeting in 1974.

Thank you for finding me again… I love you more now, than I ever did.

Play Me…

I am so hungry.

My lips crave the taste

of your skin ~ your lips.

My body wants to spend

days ~ years forever

wrapped in your strength,

safe and warm, held by

familiar arms, touched

by tender hands, played

by musical fingers ~ let

me be your piano!

Play me…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003


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My 40th Party – 1990

Welcome to September, an expensive month with the most birthdays of family and friends – and my own.

It was difficult for my daughter to fit in an afternoon tea to celebrate mine – so it’ll be a week late.   It’s Father’s Day the same weekend and since the divorce, naturally it’s a separate thing…

Seven September birthdays in all; two of my brothers (one turning the big seven ‘Oh’), my beautiful daughter-in-law and 3 very good friends.

I think Mum and Dad must have made sure they were together over Christmas to have three September babies, but then Christmas has always been a big social occasion in our family.

My dad’s birthday was New Year’s Eve so although we’d be spread around town celebrating with our friends, we always met up at midnight to raise a glass to dad.

I can always tell a Virgo or a Librian… or a Capricorn.   This 1973 poem is another from my 1968 notebook.


Did you know?


Did you know that Cancer

was compatible with Virgo?


Well, it is.

So now, you

should take notice of me.


You’re so tall

you have to bend

to come through the door.


I’m so small

I have to jump

to reach the top shelf.


Funny, hey, that I

should fancy you

for myself?


And me,

so near the floor…


How’s the weather up there?

Do you know I care?


Well, I do.


I like an awful lot of things about you;

your blond hair, blue eyes and glasses.


Your big nose!


Even your massive

size ten feet

and huge toes.


Like thick fingers,

they’ve got character.


I tried on your shoes the other day

and shook with laughter.


They made me feel all feminine

because mine were so small,



I don’t even reach your shoulder

in platforms!


And yet…


When you hold me

or kiss me

or anything,

I feel nice.


All protected and loved

and I trust you,


even when you’re driving

and you know how nervous I am



So you see,

the difference in height

doesn’t mean a thing, really

– does it?


Do you believe in the ‘Stars’?


Well, I do…

but that wasn’t why

I fell in love

with you.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 1973


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