Like Fudge…

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Like fudge…


I want to be so sweet

you can’t resist.


To treasure your desire

by lying in wait for

your lips, your tongue

to lick, nibble, devour

with relish…


swallow me whole!


I want to imprint your

pallet with my being

so no other flavour

will satisfy your hunger

because ~ you would rather

starve than be without

my love…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2006


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Tony Hill infrequently posts his poetry on the Write Out Loud website then takes it off.  I am a fan of his poetic style, approach, narrative construction and internal rhymes.

Today, he most kindly dedicated his poem entitled  ‘The Hedge’ to me because I commented it was my favourite.  He kindly gave permission to post it here on my blog.


For Frances Macaulay Forde

One day, perhaps, he will let
me live, see my springy wrists
are bandaged in white florets,
see that I am ready for my
wedding, or my coronation,
not forget I have a heart,
albeit a ragged nest the sparrows
borrow from to build their own
in my arms, in my shadows.


O I have such weathers in me,
I flounce and foster summer
storms, know the hurly-burly,
the toss and turn, my feet at anchor,
my head at sea and so full
of birdsong my mind is crazed,
until he comes to eye me up
and cut me down to size.


When the toad sinks deeper
into untrammelled grass
and the drip, drip, drip begins
and the incremental moss
creeps, inch by inch, along
my limbs, and the lichen
mottles my skin, and when
I creak and ache, grown old,
he will forget about me again.


In winter I’m a basket case,
my mind completely lost
to high risk winds that
whistle their one tune through
my bones, cold and blue,
the moon bloody and transfixed
among my thorns. The wren,
as busy as ever, pickpockets
my shadows again and again
until the night is complete.


Come spring I will grow again,
come summer my veins
and capillaries will thicken
into knotted wood and words
that defy both secateurs and saw.
I will go haywire and stand before
him, a manifest of every bird
that has used me as its cage,
their songs my sweet tutelage.
How can he cut me down?


Tony Hill © 2017

See for yourselves – read the poem here and comments others have made.  If you have time, read more – there are many worth your while.  

Including a few of my own:


Trust Cinquains

I have

taken your words

folded both hands over

then held them tightly to my heart

Have you?



let me drown

in a cruel sea without

that life raft of honesty.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

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“The friends who foiled a gunman – and are now playing themselves in a Clint Eastwood movie

Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler on the set of The 15:17 to Paris.

Two years ago, on a French train, three young Americans took down a man who was armed with an AK-47 and 300 rounds of ammunition. Now, they’re film stars. Where will their extraordinary lives go next?”  Read the full article.

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And Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian, does it again with another fantastic review:

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool film still

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool review – Annette Bening and Jamie Bell in stranger-than-fiction love story


A tremendous central duo breathe life into Paul McGuigan’s endearing retelling of the real-life romance between a struggling young actor and Oscar-winner Gloria Graham.
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Those that have seen it, rave about it – now here’s a fabulous review from The Guardian.

Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman.

The Greatest Showman: how the Hugh Jackman musical became an unlikely hit.


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interview-frances-macaulay-forde  2009IndigoJournal3w

I’m very proud of this interview with Fremantle Press in August, 2009.  It was done after my poem ‘My Life As A Sari’ was published in INDIGO Journal, Volume III, January 2009.

The Managing Editor of Indigo Journal, Donna Ward was a tremendous supporter of West Australian poetry and in doing so, illustrated the breadth of local poetic talent.  

Personally, the past couple of years have been difficult for various reasons and although I was still being creative making toys and knitting clothes, I wasn’t writing. 

So this year I am determined to get back into creating words like this… 


My Life as a Sari


Securely tuck your fears under elastic

at the centre of your waist with your left hand,

and with your right, hold the remaining

metres of spun silk – your future, facing inside.


Measure the drop of the fall

and it’s finely stitched edge

for correct positioning against heels.


Wrap yourself in the gossamer fold,

swirling the diaphanous film behind

but stay level and wedge the top border

into your petticoat.


Like a bride preparing herself,

you are now ready to pleat.


At a distance from the last fixing,

hand-measure the delicate veil,

embroidered with details

important to who you are

toward the middle of your body.


Some may need five pleats, some six.

Less is more. Another judgement held on show

– a statement of size, however graciously it moves.


Securely fix the perfumed fanning

and grasp what is left, bring it back around

to wrap warmly and return to the front.


These days, you can choose to gather all loose

ends onto your left shoulder, secured with a jewel.

But many prefer to throw the remainder

over, remembering to hold an arm half bent,

letting the end float freely – the beaded

edge skimming the inside of your wrist.


Frances Macaulay Forde @ 2008


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The e-book was delivered to my computer 5 minutes after midnight on the 2nd… and soon I’ll have a hard copy in my hands. Can’t wait to read every word as knowing Louise – it will be a wonderful story.

Theresa Smith Writes

Today I am absolutely delighted to welcome a favourite of mine to Behind the Pen, Louise Allan, whose name you may recognise from yesterday’s book review of The Sisters’ Song. Over to you Louise…




What is your favourite…and why…

Character from one of your books?

In The Sisters’ Song, my favourite character is Ida. She’s everything I’d love to be. She knows what’s important in life and doesn’t give a toss about the rest—she’s got her priorities right. She sees the good in people, no matter how horrible they might be acting. She laughs a lot and makes the most of whatever challenges she has to face. She also recognises beauty, and sees it especially in children and music. Although she’s intelligent and talented, she’s blind to her own attibutes. She’s humble and selfless, and is the embodiment of family devotion.

Ida and I share a few…

View original post 1,026 more words



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