Unsung Hero

It’s Spring here and I love my humble geranium; my ‘Unsung Hero’ who greets me with bright colors every day now, but also the following kind of unsung heroes, who award me by reading this page. Sorry I have neglected you lately… I will do better.

Geraniums © Frances Macaulay Forde

Unsung Hero

Pink is so stereo-typical.
Generic but also strong.
Judgement will be passed.
When the sun nuances shades
of purple and blue concealed
in perfect petals where
depth and passion settles...    

your status is confirmed.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2013

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Read Full Article by Emma Walton Hamilton

“We’ve been discussing anthropomorphism this week in my graduate children’s lit class. Anthropomorphism – or the giving of human characteristics to animals, plants, machines, natural phenomena or objects – can serve to broaden an audience base, especially with picture books. A book about a duck or a pig can appeal to children of all genders, cultures and backgrounds. Anthropomorphism can also be used as a way to approach delicate subjects and make them less challenging for a young reader, and can offer non-threatening opportunities for perspective and compassion when it comes to differences. However, anthropomorphism can be very difficult to do well, and in recent years it has been a tougher sell with agents and publishers.

Here are some things to consider when using anthropomorphism…”

Read Full Article by Emma Walton Hamilton

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JK Rowling

News Flash- DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO GO SEE THE SHOW (Too many spoilers in it) This post was written for those who couldn’t get tickets 🙂 Being an avid watcher of the series I was really excited to go along to see the tour and if I’m really honest I’ve […]

“Escape to the Chateau” so what did happen on Dick & Angels “Dare To Do it tour ?” — Home With Mrs V


A Wildflowers: Everlastings © 2014

Here in Western Australia, 1st September 2020 is officially the first day of our Southern Hemisphere Spring, also the beginning of the Kings Park Spring Festival with this year’s theme ‘Perth’s Green Heart’.

Sun kissed
Like a cobra,
I am coiled
ready to strike
any who dare
limit my growth.
Germinating new
species hidden
deep in the earth
waiting to bloom
colored with sun.
Tension-ed taut,
fire ravaged, I am
nature harnessed
before springing
back to life.
Frances Macaulay Forde © 2012

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Snowy Night, Bristol, England

Snowy Night, Bristol, England — Matthew Hughes

Thank you Matthew, for your inspiration today.

Against the flow

Who was the intrepid one

who dared to walk alone,

not cycle through soft

white perfectly quiet?

And why veer to the left

then resume the line,

What question bothered

the seemingly certain mind?

No dog evidenced in snow

following his nose, appeared

to be the cause for divergence.

Perhaps pure COVID rebellion,

the need to break out of lines

of lightbulbs marching, open

closed doors – make the fenced

houses roadside come alive again.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2020

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03MayP&S at the Midleton Dist - Copper Vat LS

Jameson Whiskey Distillery, Midleton, Cork, Ireland, 2003.

A delicious dance

In my kitchen
I contemplate a new mix,
a special combination
with heightened flavours.
The perfected recipe.

At last, a chance
to bite into real love!
The thrill of discovery
I’ve tried unsuccessfully
to master, for years.

Many times before,
I tried blending,
picking ingredients
so carefully…
stirring the pot.

But I wrongly used
wooden utensils –
failed to find
the perfect dish,
until you added
that extra dash.

That mysterious tang
which previously
eluded my search –
the ultimate formula.

Tempting my taste buds,
leaving them bereft
of that special essence;
everlasting love.

You are the recipe
and lust the icing
on my now perfected
carrot cake of life.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2002

From ‘Hidden Capacity – a poet’s journey.’ Published in Ireland, 2003.     



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 Chinese Gardens, Sydney, 2004. FMF © 2003

Brolga Dance

Newly hitched we hit
pop-hot spots in Sydney.
Occasion marked: Us.

Tickets to ‘The Lion King’
in old Capitol Theatre
took us back to Africa.

Sticky date at Doyles
added more weight
to our love waistlines…

We watched the river,
Opera House teeming,
Coat-hanger tourists.

Sky-high Telecom chats
revolving restaurant
views topped off trip

before Aqua chatting,
large-finned silver
swimmers mesmerize.

Guinness for St Paddy
raised to Shamrock Green.
Chinese gardens walk,

Brolga dance to hotel
suite, (less public for
private celebrations).

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

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Another thought-provoking piece, I can relate to. Thanks, Tom.

The Lighthouse

I have fallen for the mad ones
and the sad ones
and the ones who don’t know what they want

I have found that mania so consuming
confused depression for deep thinking
I’ve tried to heal the cracked ones
and piece the broken ones together…

O, I have tried
to climb that mountain
with broken ankles…

I have lived off the wild ones
brought calm to the angry ones
laid down with the tired ones and slept

I’ve ridden with the seesaw ones
always wondering where I stood
felt lost with the wilful ones
and cried beside the bitter ones

O, I have tried
to climb that mountain
with broken ankles…

I’ve walked across the weak ones
swum naked with the free ones
reached out for the timid ones
but found no hand waiting there

I have been ungrateful for the nicest ones
been bored by the honest ones

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From the Irish Times comes a list of 50 Of The Best Irish Films Ever Made….


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