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Eclectic Encore for Grace Knight!  

(Valentine’s Day, Western Australia, 2006)

It was hot – bloody hot for Valentine’s Day.  The kind of heat that oppresses, suggests multiple showers and hard-working deodorants.  Not how one wishes to appear on the day most touted for romance, especially when treated to a restaurant dinner with a Grace Knight concert to follow.

One wants to be cool, elegant, calm of face and dry of appearance ~ didn’t happen.  That would be sexy and romantic ~ the heat should come later… There was plenty of the other stuff ~ gorgeous food, wine, loads of women dressed for the occasion…

Sitting on the Joondalup Hotel restaurant terrace would normally have been the optimum place for our table. But not when there isn’t a breath of fresh air – just dampness descending.  Gazing over the cutlery into pools of passion and longing, we’d occasionally steal a wanton glance at the circular, ice-cool pool frequented by ducks. But in the still, hot night, trips into the air-conditioning for buffet treats, delicious sweets and succulent seafood helped make room for the next scrumptious plateful.

Although sexiness in female apparel sometimes means tight, it also means more skin exposed to the non-existent breeze and men wearing long pants, even though they’d rather be in Stubbies with a cold midi in hand, not drinking champagne or wine instead.

Our guided trek across green valleys past ancient, many branched grass trees ~ a magnificent statement of origin, helped digestion before spreading our blankets, in a patrons area, close to the stage and next to the lake, to receive a traditional Noongar welcome.

The flocks of ducks rising from the still water disturbed by the ‘five thousand, nine hundred and ninety-six’ others (some parked as far away as the shopping center), circling and settling back down to become part of the enchanting landscape again.

We were seduced by a medley of Show Tunes; then Mantovani, Rogers and Hart and more, performed by stars of the Youth Jazz Orchestra, fresh from their recent New York sojourn.

The Police spotter plane circled in the freeway distance but Gracie held her hair out of her face, away from the strong fans cooling from both sides of her performance space, to electrify us ~ her real fans ~ with so many favorite songs of luuurve.

As a big cheesy moon rose among the trees we thanked the sponsors, the resort and our fabulous community up here on the Sunset Coast for an unforgettable Valentine venue, promising to make a date for next year too.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2006


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Eros strikes again!                   (Hear the poem)


Valentine’s Day.  You

pierced me with the past,


forced me to recall

feelings suppressed…


and reminded me

of my ability to love…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

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Well, I’ve done it!  I’ve learnt how to record my 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day and humbly offer them for your (hopeful) enjoyment:

No 1 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Sleep’

No 2 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Vacuuming’ 

No 3 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Water Bird’

No 4 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Committed Skin’

No 5 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Before You’

No 6 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Turning the Page’

No 7 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Loose Lettuce Leaf Factory Tour’

(Illustration: Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003)

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Loose Lettuce Leaf Factory Tour


The busload waited for another to park,

not Gingin locals

but a global arc


of foreign accents, ages and looks,

my concentration torn

from my favorite book.


I grabbed my novel – another boring tour,

the sign caught my eye

promised so much more.


Avenues of squashed, boxed green,

piled high like trees

wait to be cleaned.


Whilst gentle fingered plastic hands

maneuvered each leaf

to remove the sand,


bits of mulch, a sleepy slug or two

its entrails smudged

was stuck like glue.


Full mouth askew with unbidden distaste,

my eyes clashed with

a gently smiling face.


Heart skipped to a stranger’s look

as he read the title

of my romance book.


Like turning loose leaves under

ice cool water sprays,

my heart was plundered


in a thousand ways…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2009

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Turning the Page


You were focused

on study so I

waited,  peeking

through the crack,

watched you turn

a page, rushed

to kiss you quick.


I twirled to leave,

let you get back to

reading but you held

my gaze, turned

the page again and

again, and again


until I kissed

you again and

again, and again…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003


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Before you…


I slept in a bed without creases

only pulled up sheets to straighten

smooth – no effort at all

ready for the next Dreamtime.


Now I love my wrinkles…


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2006


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Committed Skin


I crave committed

skin.  Pale, pink tones

of a fragile heart.

Silky strands tantalize.


Forest of words

– thoughts, forcing

forward movement

careful continuation of


soft, subtle actions.


given, refusing

to provide any more until…


absolutely sure,

when our surfaces

eventually meet

– rub together in love-making,

no other skin will suit.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

1st pub: ‘Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey’ MMB Publishing, Ireland, 2003.


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Water bird


Lakeside, I watch

the Coots bouncing

on top of the water.


They throw their heads with

intention and abandon, plunging

– totally immersing themselves.


I want to bounce…


Immerse myself…


Plunge into you….


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003

1st pub: ‘Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey’  by Frances Macaulay Forde, Ireland, 2003.

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With every pull

toward your body

you expect obedience. 

Expect each micron of dirt

to be sucked up and away. 

Look at the attention

you give stairs. 


How do I become like stairs? 


 Frances Macaulay Forde © 2014

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I can

only consider

soft eyes


calm, sweet face

small breaths

’til I realize

they’re mine. 

I breathe

and contemplate

the alternative

only when

someone asks…

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2014

Published in ‘The Word Is Out’ Issue 2 ~ Sept ‘06


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