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Christmas Lights

This was last year’s Christmas Lights (in the suburbs) Competition WINNER in Perth, WA. 

8 Meadow Springs Drive

This is how they do it in the U.S. 

Can’t wait to take the grandies for a drive around the entries in my suburb – bit of a Christmas tradition, now.  Gets us in the mood for all the mayhem and raises money for different charities while entertaining the local kids. 


#PerthXmasLights  #XmasLightsComp  #LocalXmasLights.

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There is not a lot of good Christmas decoration in Fremantle so Cicerello’s in the Fishing Boat Harbour deserves credit for this great display. The thousands of little lights moving in the breeze look stunning, so take your children for a stroll one evening from about 7.30pm. Roel Loopers


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For more than a decade Tuba Skinny has played on the street where appreciative listeners can tip the band. You too now can support their artistry by tipping them online. Using PayPal.com donate to tubaskinny@gmail.com. Using Venmo.com donate to “tuba skinny.” You also can support the band by buying their music: http://tubaskinny.com/music

via Tuba Skinny: “Going Back Home” Spotted Cat April 10,2012 — The Inquiring Mind

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Attention span of a puppy? Pushed for time? “Publishing is a long game. As they say, you have to be a stayer if you want to be a player. Even if your book is only 500 words!” said Jen Storer, children’s author and chief inspirationalist at Girl & Duck.com when discussing the pitted path to […]

via My Elusive Career as an Aspiring Writer — Thoughts Become Words

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She used to see him everywhere He wove into every conversation ‘All roads lead to…’ they joked Now the roads go new places Wind through wishful thinking, blissful realities settle comfortably in what is for what it’s worth.

via poem- wishes — Shawn L. Bird

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The jewels are part of the collection of the royal House of Saxony, and the German press is calling their disappearance the biggest theft since World War II.

via Immeasurably Valuable Jewels Have Been Stolen From a German Palace — Observer

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Australian thriller “Safe Harbour” has won the International Emmy Award for movie/miniseries at the 47th annual ceremony recognizing programs from outside the U.S. The thriller about a disturbing trip to Indonesia for a group of friends from Brisbane beat out nominees from Brazil, India and Hungary. Matchbox Pictures’ produced the series for Australia’s SBS. “Safe…

via International Emmy Awards: Australia’s ‘Safe Harbour’ Wins for Movie/Miniseries — Variety

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140906DESKPHOTOS 002aW

Another short script (2 minute) from my shelves, originally written for an entry into ‘Tropfest” in 2009.  NOTE:  The standard script format is altered to allow for easier reading on screens. 


DANIEL is sprawled on the couch watching motor racing on TV with the SOUND FULL BLAST.  Beer cans and pizza boxes litter the coffee table.

His mate MAL strolls in and shouts above the noise.

MAL : What’s happening?

DANIEL signals hello without taking his eyes off the screen,  reaches over to grab a beer from the six-pack.  Hands it to MAL, without looking.

MAL now sprawls on the couch and fixes his eyes on the screen.

The two mates sit engrossed in the motor racing and the deafening sound of engines.

Suddenly DANIEL sits up.

DANIEL : Fuck this!

DANIEL reaches over the arm of the chair next to him and picks up two WII game consoles.

DANIEL looks over at MAL with a challenge in his eye as he hands one WII console over to MAL and grabs the remote controls to switch the program over.

The noise starts again, DANIEL and MAL ‘drive’ the game cars around the screen race track with the sound up FULL.

They continue to play the game but less enthusiastically.

MAL : Fuck this!

MAL stands up and chucks his WII console down onto the couch.

MAL takes his keys out of his pocket and holds them in front of DANIEL’S face, challenging him.

DANIEL : Fuck yeah!

DANIEL throws down his console and grabs another set of keys, waving them at MAL.

MAL and DANIEL race out the door.


At the front door, as they exit, DANIEL grabs MAL to stop him running to his car.

DANIEL makes MAL stand behind an invisible line and wait for ‘Go’.

MAL : Yer woos!

DANIEL : It’s gotta be fair.

DANIEL holds up his keys and indicates for MAL to do the same but before they can race to their cars, he notices he has the wrong keys and turns to run back inside the house.

MAL : Who’s the woos now?

DANIEL runs back outside with a different set of keys and stands on the imaginary line.

DANIEL : OK – now!

DANIEL and MAL race to their cars and DANIEL signals to stop MAL before he can jump in and take off.

DANIEL is getting impatient.

MAL : Wait – we gotta line the cars up equal.


DANIEL waits while MAL drives his car into ‘poll’ position in the street and DANIEL drives his car up next to the other.

MAL and DANIEL both get out of their cars and leave the engines running to walk back to the imaginary starting line.

DANIEL : Now I’ll dice ya!

Moments later they both run and jump into their cars and with their tires burning on the road, tear off down the street to disappear in a cloud of rubber.


The two friends stand in stunned silence staring up the road as the smoke clears.


“DICE”  A very short film  By  Frances Macaulay Forde © 2009


#SCRIPT:Dice  #Screenwriting  #FrancesMacaulayForde #ShortFilmScript

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I have drowned my soul In the music of this land, The Woods, the shores, the hills, Until I have forgotten how to live Anywhere else. The tossing of the sea, The stillness of sand in silver turmoil, The storm-beaten trees bent in prayer… But it is a life worth living If your soul is […]

via Poetry of Home — The Paths of the Spirit

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POEM: Performance


‘It’s a Prairie Tale’ – NETG, 1993.



Dank, dusty, sweat-smells in the soft blue light.

Rope, sandbags, tape-marks glow.

Scene-stays, props on table in regimental order.

Act 1,2,3.


Black on white ‘Silence for Performance’.

Soft sneakers pressed gently in front of each other.

Movements slow – considered care.

Audience clapping.

Murmur as Curtains Close

Act 1.


Audrey rushes off-stage, clattering

– chattering to her waiting beau,

loudly declaring her excitement

at first performance.


Two fingers to mouth for silence ignored.

Quick, frustrated grab in the once-again dim light.

Hand wraps around wooden grip of silence

sign banged impatiently against thigh.

Hushed stumble down to dressing dungeons.


Annoyed – door locked – can’t knock – too loud.

Scratch a little – reign in – wait with rebuke ready.

Click (unlock) creak open. Not welcome.

Insist. Force sign through crack ‘Quiet’.


Race back upstairs, heart pumping

– missed the Curtain Open Act 2.


Act 3. Clunk. Clunk. Clunk.  Heels approach uncaring,

echoing through wooden stairs and stage floor.  Audrey!


Mouth opens, frustration bites hard and I scream “QUIET!”

Shattering the cast onstage into obedience.

Even the audience waits in breath-held awe

for the next development.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2001

#POEM:Performance  #FrancesMacaulayForde  #NewEndeavourTheatreGroup   #1stTimeOnStage  #Backstage




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