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Can’t wait to see this latest Australian written and directed film, starring beautiful Kate Winslet and yummy Liam Hemsworth, based on the best-selling book by Rosalie Ham!


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Inside The Swan Brewery – setting up the dolly. Sphinx Prod © 1985

In 1985, I met Peter Aquilina through production & direction courses at FTI and set up Sphinx Productions to gain professional experience in our chosen careers of film and video.

We worked well, Pete was technically amazing I had loads of admin experience but both of us wanted the freedom to direct and produce our own stuff.  On our ‘zero’ budget, we knew we had to start small.

1986SphinxProd2 001b

My 8 year old daughter watching Pete set up shots inside the Old Swan Brewery. Sphinx Prod © 1985.

As Functions Manager of the Riverton and Kelmscott Hotels and High Road Tavern in the early 80’s, I ran a talent quest ‘Best in the West’ to attract patrons into the venues.  On top of the $1000 cash prize, I offered the winning talent a promotional video – a big deal in those days.

So, the first music video I wrote, produced and directed was named for the song called ‘Shattered Windows’ – remember, this was 1985 and music videos were all the rage.

1986SphinxProd2 001a

Northbridge St. Sphinx Prod. © 1985

The song was written and performed by two excellent (and very cute according to my 8 year old daughter) Break-Dancers.  But they didn’t want a dance video, they wanted to showcase their music.

I wrote a script, weaving a visual story but also to work professionally with a blueprint.  Over about 5 or 6 weekends spent with friends and borrowed equipment, we got it all shot and edited just in time to enter the FTI Film Awards.

While shooting the zero-budget video, we used four locations; a street in North Perth, The Old Perth Railway Station, the burnt-out Swan Brewery (with permission) and the Mid-West TV studio where Pete worked at the time.

1986SphinxProd1 001d

At the door, Northbridge. Sphinx Prod © 1985


Although it’s not a perfect copy I’m still pretty proud, all these years later.  I’d love to know what happened to the talented Break Dancers.

My film-partner, 18 year old Peter Aquilina won the FTI Young Filmakers Cinematography Award in 1985.

He’s producing amazing screen work all over the world but with much bigger budgets, now…

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Mock Back Cover  –  Frances Macaulay Forde © 1994

Just read about this deal between Michael Bay (of  ‘Transformers’ fame) 451 Media Group and (Chinese Media/Toy manufacturers) Alpha Animation, in ‘Variety’.

Does it mean my dream is possible; one day my ‘Mr Panda Lives Next Door’ Books/TV Series, could be taken to dizzying heights and merchandised?


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One of the most fun assignment I’ve ever had was for our largest Hospital’s Emergency Department in 2006.

Way before EK Chase (I’ve just discovered) seemed to adopt my idea for a One Direction song ;  I was commissioned to write a series of 30 second ads to be played on the in-house TVs.

They wanted to get boring facts ‘out there’ to resonate with the target audience of drug users and drunks who, when inebriated practiced dangerous habits – particularly the younger ones.

Well, I’ve worked with and written for teenagers quite a bit, so I guess I was a natural choice.


The first five 30 second advertisement scripts generally tell the story of Chlamydia using toys as characters in a party atmosphere at the dolls house, with soundtrack music provided by —–.

Hands obviously (in shot) hold the toys as they enact the scenes: going up or down stairs, break-dancing etc. Full-sized beer cans are scattered around the dolls house.   

The humorous use of toys with full sized items should provide a comedic edge together with the further juxtapositioning of a serious message in between the seemingly frivolous.

I was paid well and applauded for what I gave them, however the production team didn’t meet their criteria so in the end, my scripts weren’t actually filmed.

All that effort wasn’t wasted – I know the ideas were adapted and used in various ways for workshops and conferences etc.

My “CHLAMYDIA RAP” dissolved the whole office of Medicos into stitches (pardon the pun) – and I still like it:


Listen here! Y’all need to know
Chlam – ydd-ee-ah Trach – o –mat – is is
as common as ‘the clap’ is.
It’s spead by sex without a hat,
don’t even know when you’re got at
– s’real dangerous for bubs ‘n testies,
‘cos it’s sneaky ‘n snarly ‘n silent as
‘til your eyes go pink ‘n your bum goes red.
Before y’know it – you’re real sick in bed.
Just pee in a cup – then give it up.
We’ll tell you by text so no-one knows
–one shot anti-be, ‘n away you go.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2006

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Alan Iverson Credits.


Alan Iverson‘s website is quite impressive.  It clearly shows the projects he’s worked on, projects available for development and super easy to navigate.

I’ve read ‘Ghost Town’ and look forward to producers (it’s never just one these days) coming on board to develop the series, so I can say to Alan; “I knew you when…”.

If you’ve got a project you’d like Alan to work on with you, contact him through his website.  He’s a top bloke – a hard working and conscientious team player!

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Always so meticulously informed. I enjoy that you are a blatant fan of screenwriters and follow their work with a passion, skewering (is there such a word?) your reviews, with their work as your starting point. Thank you.


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Film Mafia

Gone Girl **** (out of five)

Gone-Girl-2014-film-posterI remember still, very specifically, my decision to cease reading Gone Girl, the huge bestseller of 2012 by Gillian Flynn: it was making me depressed. Its worldview really got to me, and I was feeling grim and prickly because of it. Its depiction of the most basic human relationship, being “the relationship”, was bleak and nasty. A day or two without reading anymore of it, I felt better. Besides, it was badly written.

David Fincher’s extremely faithful adaptation of the book, scripted by Flynn, has left the same cold metallic and yucky taste in my mouth, but in a good way – indeed, in a really good way. I was reading the book over at least a week, but I can take feeling prickly and shifty about relationships for an afternoon, rather than going to sleep with it night after night. Also, the world…

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