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1984ShatteredWindows 001

Old Swan Brewery Building on the Swan River. Frances Macaulay Forde © 1984.

1984ShatteredWindows 004 1983filmSwanBrew1984ShatteredWindows 002 1984ShatteredWindows1 003

Highlighting innovative Shift-Focus techniques in 1985, our first music video won the FTI Young Filmmakers Cinematography Award for 18-year-old Peter Aquilina.  The first of many awards Peter has received over a long and very successful career in Media (mostly) overseas.

1984ShatteredWindows2 002 1984ShatteredWindows2 001 1984ShatteredWindows1 001

The video was shot around Northbridge, in the studio at the Film and TV Institute in Fremantle, inside the (condemned) Swan Brewery building overlooking the Swan River, the old Perth Train Station and in the Mid-Western TV Studios.

1984ShatteredWindows2 003Sphinx Prod 001a

The original song was written by a breakdancing duo who won the Talent Competition I ran at the Riverton & Kelmscott Hotels in 1983.  Wonder where they are now?

Apart from $1,000, their prize included this video clip made by Sphinx Productions, the little production company a young but very talented Peter and I set up in 1985.

Sphinx Prod 001d


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Andrew Bovell shares what he learned in Hollywood and a whole lot more about screenwriting.




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030620JuneIrelandORIG (10)



tender words
questions answers
your current reality


furtive glance
visual dance
clever hands and fingers


tentative press
to shy flesh
still clothed in other loves


breathe you in
where’ve you been
through all my loves and life

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2007

From my book “Hidden Capacity ~ a poet’s journey” published in Cork, Ireland, 2003


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“Buy experience, not things.”

Today, Zambia is celebrating 50 years of independence – 24th October 2014 and I can’t help singing to myself – her 1st President Kenneth Kaunda’s signature song: Tiyende Pamodzi :   “Let’s go together in harmony.”


I’m still torn between my idyllic childhood in the center of Africa, Northern Rhodesia now Zambia and Perth, Western Australia where I’ve been ever since leaving ‘home’.


Mana Pools, Zambezi River.

They say, once you’ve crossed the mighty Zambezi River  you’ll always return. I haven’t yet. I keep in ‘touch’ though, with many friends who have or who also miss ‘home’ and enjoy sharing wonderful memories.


2014 © Heather Chalcraft

Lowdown Magazine is written by Heather Chalcraft who takes amazing photos of Zambia now.  This is the Flamboyant or Flame Tree, the sight of which takes me back to Kitwe and Lusaka as quickly as Jacarandas do.

In fact, my man and I reunited on the Great North Road website after 28 years and have been married for 10, so I owe Zambia a great debt for a wonderful childhood, fantastic memories and now, my happiness.

Tiyende Pamodzi…

Your 50 Zambian years means I am 50 years older.

I was at school when you became independent

but your Independence triggered my own at 14.

Not wanting to repeat a year I had just finished,

I refused and found myself a job, instead. My

idyllic childhood safe in Mother Africa’s arms

meant we learnt young to be strong, resilient

finding our own way through the jungle.  Confident,

courageous and convinced of our immortality.

I blossomed in your sunshine and freedoms.

As pioneers we knew we could turn our hands

to whatever was required to get the job done.

And we did.  During the struggles, shortages

were a given but ever resourceful we shared,

surviving together.  The best lesson for life.

Frances Macaulay Forde © 2014

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A day off – yayyyyy!

Yesterday was a working day up in the hills of Perth and it was cold!  (Well cold for us – about 10 degrees C when we got there but the wind was freezing!)  I had four layers on and wished I’d added my leg-warmers too.  The sun never really got through the clouds so although the temperature rose to 20 C it felt a lot colder until the wind died down.

I’m moaning because the day before was beautiful, sunny and warm after many days of rain; a glorious Summer day in the middle of our winter – at least 25 degrees.

Anyhow, we rushed home to get ready after work because last night we were due to see my brother-in-law perform with Vocal Evolution, 2013 Australian Mens Harmony Chorus Champions – Woo Hoo!


Vocal Evolution – Australian Champions Photo: from VE Facebook page.



What a great show!  Certainly brightened up our day and naturally, we’re very proud.

If you’ve never been to a show, get down to their next one – these guys have amazing voices and do a fantastic job of entertaining with gusto.

Last night Vocal Evolution mixed it up with ‘TLA’ and ‘Lock Out’ Barbershop Quartets and the band  ‘Alcatraz’ .


Jazz band ‘Alcatraz’ Photo: Ellington Jazz Club

Amongst others, their amazing singer Bindhu  sang this song  then belted out an Adelle song as if it was soooooooooo easy!

A great night of fabulous voices – thanks Vocal Evolution!

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When I was a teenager in Africa (mid-sixties) I don’t know why but our house – more specifically, our front lawn was the meeting place…

Our crowd used to sit in a circle, singing songs until Mum came out and reminded us we had neighbors.

We sang songs by James Taylor; Bread; Simon & Garfunkle; Joan Baez; Mamas & the Papas; Joni Mitchell; Peter, Paul & Mary…

Everywhere I lived I could always find a folk club except when I moved up to the Northern Suburbs in 1985.

So, ever resourceful, I put an ad in the local community paper and the Wanneroo Folk Club was born.

1985WannerooFolkClub8 002W

Wanneroo Folk Club members 1985

Years later, it’s still going strong although, I must admit I haven’t been for years – next one’s in June (Friday 13th).  Maybe we’ll see you there!

However in 1984, I did make my first 16 mm film about the Hills Folk Club in Kalamunda.  If you have 6 minutes to spare and want an 80’s hair reminder, watch my doco ‘Some Folks Folk’.

Snapshot 1 (14-05-2014 12-15 AM)

Still: ‘Some Folks Folk’ – 1984

Last night hubby and I went to a Monday Supper Club  at the Dome Cafe in Maylands, to hear my friend Glen Phillips  &  John Ryan  read their poetry.


Glen Phillips & John Ryan reading at the Monday Supper Club – 12/5/14

The food was good and music provided firstly by (organiser) Jane Cornes’ Trio then by the outstanding Ken Nicols  formally of  Steeleye Span.

Snapshot 2 (13-05-2014 11-56 PM)

Ken Nicol – Monday Supper Club 12/5/14

Must admit the night brought out the inner Folk-ie in me once again…


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Well, I’ve done it!  I’ve learnt how to record my 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day and humbly offer them for your (hopeful) enjoyment:

No 1 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Sleep’

No 2 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Vacuuming’ 

No 3 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Water Bird’

No 4 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Committed Skin’

No 5 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Before You’

No 6 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Turning the Page’

No 7 of 7 Poems for Valentine’s Day:  ‘Loose Lettuce Leaf Factory Tour’

(Illustration: Frances Macaulay Forde © 2003)

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131231NYE (16)w

Celebrating New Year 31/12/13

Hopefully you celebrated the old year and welcomed the new, in your own way – and enjoyed it!    So what’s your New Year resolution?

After I’d done a short course at KSP Writers’ Centre:   ‘Sound Recording for the PC using Audacity with Chris Oakeley’,   I was inspired to have a go with a poem I’d written for a friend’s wedding.  Sound Cloud  was handy, already available on my computer (because I hadn’t uploaded the Audacity disk Chris gave me yet) and although one dimensional compared to Chris’ teachings, assuaged my immediate need to try and be ‘clever’.

I hadn’t looked at the workshop information since but discovered it again after clearing my desk today, and I wanted to share  a sample of a recording I did with Chris.  But I can’t see how to do it on here…  so back to Sound Cloud (It’s a first attempt and not a good recording, I’m afraid you’ll have to turn the sound up to listen.)

When I wanted to put together a one-off printed book of photos and words as a gift for my hubby, I also discovered ‘Blurb’ .  Construction was easy and the result professional – I was pleased and so was he.

Blurb now offer the opportunity to do an e-book version, to include sound files and if I want to, I can also sell it through their website.  I’m thinking my ‘Santa’s Swim’ would work: I could read the text as the pages are turned…

There are many opportunities these clever days to do all sorts of things with your writing, to present it on many mediums and try to appeal to all tastes.

The thing is; finding time to take advantage of all these opportunities while paying the bills (when I’d rather be writing) while endeavoring to find creative space between the natural demands of family.

That will have to be my New Years Resolution: to do an e-book – then add sound!

What’s yours?


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